“Who’s the reason why last year’s MVP isn’t Otani?” This year, even the ‘sprout of controversy’ will be cut

Los Angeles Angels manager Phil Nevin said in an interview with local media after the game against the Texas Rangers on the 16th 메이저놀이터 (Korea Standard Time).

On this day, the Angels won 5-3 thanks to Shohei Ohtani’s strong pitching and batting performance and finished the winning series with three wins and one loss in four consecutive away games against Texas. Otani started as a starter and won six games with six hits and two runs in six innings, and tied for the lead in major league home runs by hitting his 22nd wedge two-run home run of the season at bat.

Coach Nevin made the remarks about Otani, who “played and played alone,” arguing that he should be the MVP this season.

Last year’s American League (AL) MVP was won by Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees. Jersey, who broke the AL record for the first time in 61 years by hitting 62 home runs, won the first MVP of his career by overwhelmingly beating Ohtani with 28 votes out of 30 BBWAA voters. Baseball Journalists Association) voters. Ohtani was unable to surpass the home run king’s jersey, even though he set a milestone of achieving both at-bats and innings for the first time in AL/NL history.

Coach Nevin specifically reiterated his opinion on this part.

Coach Nevin said, “As I said last year, Aaron Judge is like a son to me. “But if someone does well on both sides of the pitch (like Otani), of course he should be the MVP,” he said. “I mean, what was the difference between 2021 (when Otani became MVP) and last year?” Otani did much better last year, but he didn’t make the MVP. Someone has to explain that to me,” he stressed.

Coach Nevin served as the Yankees’ third base coach from 2018 to 2021, and is close to Jersey. That’s why he said he was “like a son” to Jersey.

However, coach Nevin’s argument is not convincing. MVP is literally the highest honor given to the most valuable player of a season. BBWAA (National Baseball Journalists Association) voters generally agreed that the most valuable player in the AL last year should be the jersey. Otani was great, but he concluded that the jersey was better. If you look at WAR, which has recently been in the spotlight, it is not a wrong conclusion.

Let’s compare the records of the two major league statistical sites, “Baseball Reference (bWAR)” and “Fan Graphs (fWAR).”

In 2021, Otani was first in both leagues, bWAR (8.9) and fWAR (8.0). On the contrary, in 2022, Jersey was ranked first with bWAR 10.6 and fWAR 11.5. Otani ranked second in jersey with bWAR 9.6 and fWAR 9.5 last year.

Otani said that both WARs had higher figures last year than in 2021. Coach Nevin is right in this regard. Otani also said on his way back to Japan after last year’s season, “I’m disappointed in the team’s performance, but I personally think I did better than last year.” However, since Jersey’s WAR overwhelmed Otani, it is difficult to say that the MVP selection was wrong.

Among the 10 MVPs (all fielders) over the past five years from 2018 to last year, seven players ranked first in the fWAR in their league. In other words, except for the Cy Young Award, the No. 1 player in WAR and MVP are generally consistent.

Ohtani has a batting average of 0.301, 22 home runs,54 RBIs, 46 runs scored, 0.382 on-base percentage, 0.620 slugging percentage, and 1.002 OPS. Home runs are tied for first place with New York Mets Pete Alonso, while slugging percentage and OPS are first place combined in both leagues. Ohtani is the MVP based on his batting performance alone.

Pitchers have 6 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 3.29, 105 strikeouts, WHIP 1.05, and a batting average of 0.178. The batting average is No. 1, 2 in AL strikeouts, 10th in WHIP, 12th in pitching innings, and 16th in ERA.

The combined bWAR and fWAR are 4.6 and 4.2, respectively. It is ranked first in both leagues by a wide margin from second place. The second place in the bwar is Tampa Bay Rays Wanderer Franco, who has a 3.8 record, and the fwar is Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna Jr., who has a 3.4 record.

If Otani maintains his current pace, he can hit 50 home runs, 123 RBIs, 14 wins, and 240 strikeouts this year. On top of that, if he hits a batting average of .300 for the first time in his life, he will be the unanimous MVP no matter who votes.

Coach Nevin said, “As long as Otani continues the performance he is showing now, we have to do it accordingly. There is no doubt about that,” he stressed. In other words, Otani must be selected as the MVP this season.

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