Viktor Ahn “donated the entire amount of the sports pension received after the Russian naturalization decision”

Viktor Ahn (38, Ahn Hyun-soo, photo) announced that he had donated all of the performance improvement research pension (athletic pension) he received as a lump sum before naturalization in Russia.

The controversy started after Victor Ahn applied for an open recruitment for the skating team leader at Seongnam City Hall last month. The Korea Skating Instructors Federation said, “Viktor Ahn explained that ‘I knew dual citizenship was possible’ when there was a controversy over betraying his country at the time of his naturalization. However, it was later revealed that right before naturalization, he received the pension as a lump sum,” he criticized.

In response, Viktor Ahn said on Instagram on the 7th, “The reason why I couldn’t answer the questions you were curious about was because the recruitment process was in progress. He had no choice but to be silent to speak after the announcement, judging that it could cause misunderstanding,” he explained about the pension receipt process. 먹튀검증

Viktor Ahn said, “I left for Russia in June 2011, and while talking about future training plans, I heard that Tatiana Volulolina (39), a dual citizen of Australia and Russia, was representing Russia. So, it is true that he knew that dual citizenship would be possible and looked into it.”

“But I decided to naturalize in July after knowing that I did not fall under a special case like that player,” he said. The entire amount was donated to junior athletes,” he said.

Viktor Ahn said, “However, when the news of the naturalization progress was announced through the Russian media in August, it was (wrongly) reported that the naturalization decision was made after receiving the pension first.” did,” he said.

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