‘Turning pressure into opportunity,’ KU libero Kim Gunhee takes responsibility

The team’s defense was solid during its five-game winning streak.

Kyungpook National University swept Mokpo University 3-0 (25-10, 25-14, 25-17) in a preliminary match of the 2023 KUSF Volleyball U-League at Kyungpook National University Gymnasium in Suwon on Friday.

While Lee Yoon-soo (sophomore OH, 198 cm) led the offense with a team-high 16 kills, Kim Gun-hee (sophomore L, 183 cm) was solid in the back row. She had a team-high 14 targets in the match, good for a 71 percent receiving efficiency. She did not commit a single reception error.

“It feels great to win five in a row,” said Kim Gun-hee, who created a foothold for the team’s offense and led them to victory. I’m very happy that our practice paid off,” said Kim.

After defeating Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University, the team faced Mokpo University, which was relatively inferior in strength, but they did not let their guard down. Kim Gun-hee said, “From the coach to the teammates, we were focused from practice. We didn’t want to get complacent, so we kept focusing and playing our game.”

This helped them take the first set 25-10, a huge lead. However, they started the second set with a new mindset. “We took the first set quickly, but we emphasized to each other that we had to start over in the second set,” Kim said. We forgot about the first set and prepared with the mindset of starting from scratch,” she said.

As a freshman, she didn’t get much 안전놀이터 playing time, but by this year she was the team’s starting libero. Being the sole responsibility for receiving and digging can be overwhelming, but she sees it as an opportunity.

“It’s a lot of pressure,” she said, “but I’m getting better as I continue to be responsible for receiving and digging. I’m going to work hard because it will give me more experience.”

“This is my first season of college volleyball, so I was nervous. However, I am grateful that my teammates are all helping each other on the sidelines, so I can relax.”

On the 31st, Kyungpook National University will travel to Chungnam National University. In conclusion, Kim Gun-hee said, “We need to win in order to be number one, so we want to be vigilant. I think it will not be easy because Chungnam University is a good defense team. As we are going away, we will adapt faster and play a good game.”

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