Tottenham rejects Munich offer of ‘144 billion’…Kane Remains ‘Green Light’

Bayern Munich is serious about signing Harry Kane. But Tottenham Hotspur think differently. Tottenham also rejected Munich’s latest offer, and the possibility of Kane’s retention is increasing.

Reporter Florian Plettenberg of 안전놀이터 Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on his social media on the 7th (Korean time), “I can’t find any news from Germany that Tottenham and Munich have agreed on the signing of Kane. Daniel Levy, Tottenham chairman, said on the weekend “I haven’t heard from you in a while. Munich is just waiting. I hope to hear back within this week.”

Reporter Plettenberg said on the 5th, “Munich has made an offer of more than 100 million euros (approximately 144 billion won) including bonus options. There is no response from Tottenham yet. There is no deadline. Munich will continue to respond until this weekend. I will wait,” he said.

As such, Munich is sincere about signing Kane. Ever since Bayern Munich, which needed a striker, wanted to recruit Kane, he had been active all along, and after persuading Tottenham Hotspur, he succeeded in having a recent meeting. Munich tried to satisfy Tottenham in these talks.

However, Chairman Levy is frowning on many people with his bad attitude. Levy turned down Munich’s offer, despite ongoing negotiations, and headed to the United States for a vacation after informing him that he needed a larger transfer fee. Munich will give up signing Kane and try to find another alternative if negotiations continue beyond the period they set.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “Chairman Levy ignored the deadline set by Munich to sign Kane. Munich set a deadline for midnight on Friday, but Chairman Levy did not accept Munich’s offer. and Bayern are considering giving up signing Kane and looking for other options if Tottenham don’t meet the deadline.”

Germany’s ‘Bild’ also reported the same news and said, “According to our information, Chairman Levy is currently staying in Miami, and his family is on vacation for two weeks. “I want to pay. Munich offered me a transfer fee of over 100 million euros (about 144 billion won) with options added to 93 million euros (about 133.9 billion won), but Levy rejected it.”

Nevertheless, Munich is only focusing on signing Kane. He is not even negotiating with Blahovic, who was constantly connected. Italian local media said, “Germany say that Munich is interested in Vlahovic, but the only negotiations currently underway are with Chelsea.”

Munich is ‘all in’ on signing Kane, but Tottenham has a different idea.

Reporter David Ornstein of England’s ‘The Athletic’ said on the 7th, “Tottenham recently rejected an offer from Munich over Kane. At the London meeting last week, there was a difference of opinion on the transfer fee of 25 million pounds (approximately 41.7 billion won). Munich In June, an offer of £70 million (approximately 116.8 billion won) was rejected, and a second offer that raised the amount was also rejected. The latest offer was also rejected. Munich will have a meeting about Kane transfer. Tottenham renew Kane’s contract want,” he said.

The amount Tottenham wants is at least 100 million pounds (approximately 166.8 billion won). In a situation where the transfer fee difference is quite large, Tottenham continues to persuade Kane. There is no news yet that Kane will sign a new contract with Tottenham, but little by little it is changing to a positive atmosphere. In particular, it is analyzed that Kane’s mind may change as Tottenham play aggressive football under the Anje Postecoglu managerial system.

Reporter Ornstein said: “There are reports that Kane has been impressed by Postecoglu. Kane has always wanted to succeed with Tottenham. can be concluded,” he added.

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