Tottenham is back… Rated as “Most Disappointing Player”

Sergio Reguilon (26), who left Tottenham for a loan transfer to Atletico Madrid, is having a disappointing year this season.

The British media ‘Express’ reported on the 7th (Korean time) that “Reguilon is having a disappointing season leaving the lease.”

“Atletico Madrid has lost patience with Reguilon. They are preparing to send him back to Tottenham.”

“Reguilon could have left Tottenham before the season and headed elsewhere. He moved to Atlético Madrid. But he started the season with an injury, and after returning after the injury, he has not been able to take the starting position for several months.”

Spanish media ‘Estadio Deportivo’ said, “Reguilon is evaluated as one of the most disappointing players in Atletico Madrid. He will head to Tottenham again this summer.”

Reguilon has been wearing the Tottenham kit since 2020. He failed to establish himself at Real Madrid, but made his presence known by showing his skills during his loan spell with Sevilla.

As a left full-back, he actively participates in the attack. Overlapping based on his fast speed and vigorous activity is Regilon’s greatest weapon.

However, his presence in the last 2021-22 season has dropped significantly. Manager Antonio Conte used a three-back defense, and Reguilon became more frequent as a wingback rather than a fullback. In an unfamiliar position, Regilon was not easily established. He suffered overlapping injuries while adapting to his new position,

Reguilon was excluded from Conte’s plan early on. Ivan Perisic joined ahead of the 2022-23 season. And then he left the team. This is why the team moved on loan this season. 카지노사이트

However, Reguilon is not adding to the team due to deterioration in form along with his injuries. He has appeared in a total of 5 games this season. He made four appearances in the Spanish Primera Liga, all from the bench. Last month, against Almeria, Reguilon’s position was further reduced as he was sent off in the 22nd minute.

‘Express’ said, “The possibility of a complete transfer to Atletico Madrid has almost disappeared. Given his current skills, there is a high possibility that Ben Davies and Sessegnon will replace him. “he said.

Also, “Reguilon’s contract is tied to Tottenham until the summer of 2025. However, if he does not convince manager Antonio Conte of his value, he may leave the team in the summer.”

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