‘Tottenham Derby’ Son Heung-min vs Ben Davies… TEAM KLEINSMAN’s first away trip

TEAM KLEINSMAN’s first away game will be a fun one to watch.

The Korea Football Association announced on Sept. 29 that it has agreed with the Welsh Football Association to play a national team friendly against Wales on Sept. 7. The venue is Cardiff City Stadium in Wales, and the game time is TBD.

It will be the first time in five years and 메이저사이트 six months since the national team traveled to Northern Ireland and Poland in March 2018 to face a European country. It will be a chance to see how far South Korea’s competitiveness has come in the midst of Europe.

While the June A-match roster has yet to be announced, September will be TEAM Cleanse’s third call-up. It will be a chance to see how the new faces that may emerge from the second call-up have settled into the team. With South Korea aiming to win the 2024 Asian Cup, Jürgen Klinsmann will have his work cut out for him to quickly integrate the new recruits into the team.

Wales is the perfect opponent for this task. The Welsh are ranked 26th in the FIFA rankings, while South Korea are 27th. Their recent international results aren’t bad either. At Euro 2020, they reached the round of 16, and in 2022, they qualified for their first World Cup in 64 years. At the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, they were eliminated in the group stage.

This matchup could result in a Tottenham derby. Wales are without a world-class player since the retirement of Gareth Bale, their biggest star after Ryan Giggs, but they are still an organized team. At the center of it all is Ben Davies, a close friend of Son Heung-min.

Davies is well known to South Korean fans as Son’s best friend. Their friendship was highlighted when Bale was at Tottenham. At the time, Bale formed a hilarious group called the Welsh Mafia, which included Joe Roden, Davies, and Son Heung-min. Son was even spotted heading to a Korean restaurant after a game with Davies and Roden, which became a fan favorite.

Davies said, “I have a lot of friends. “I don’t have any special friends in football, but at Tottenham I’m closest to Roden, Eric Dier and Son Heung-min. I’ve known them for years at Tottenham. There’s also Christian Eriksen and the Welsh players,” he said, adding that he is very close to Son Heung-min.

Roden, who is currently on loan at Stade Rennes after leaving Tottenham, is also close to Son. He’s also a mainstay of the Welsh national team, so he’ll be going head-to-head with Heung-min.

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