‘The Xante-Yumi combination is the strongest!’ T1 succeeds in taking revenge on KT… ‘Faker’ achieved 1st place in assists

On the 20th, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, kt Rolster vs. T1, took place.

바카라사이트 On this day at kt, Kim “Kiin” Ki-in, “Curz” Moon Woo-chan, “BDD” Kwak Bo-seong, “Aiming” Kim Ha-ram, and “Lehenz” Son Si-woo appeared. ‘ Lee Sang-hyeok, ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong, and ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu took part.

In the second set, T1 picked Xante, Bai, Oriana, Sivir, and Yumi, while kt picked Nar, Wukong, Karma, Lucian, and Nami.

The first place came from the top. ‘Owner’ made a clean top dive and caught ‘Kiin’. T1 aimed at kt who was attacking the dragon, but the ‘owner’ was killed, and kt used this to kill the first dragon, the chemical engineering dragon.

While ‘Curz’, who caught ‘Owner’, consumed the second dragon, the wind dragon, ‘Kumayushi’ and ‘Keria’ were executed after bursting ‘Aiming’ and ‘Lehenz’.

The third dragon, the sea dragon, was taken by T1, and a large-scale teamfight was held immediately. kt, who seemed to be pushed back in the early teamfights, made the ‘Bididy’ and ‘Aiming’ sense play. We succeeded in catching ‘Owner’ and ‘Faker’.

T1, who exploded ‘Curze’ in mid-mid, started hitting Baron, and after catching ‘Kiin’, ate Baron and knocked down ‘Lehenz’. After defeating the fourth dragon, the sea dragon, T1 opened a team fight at the bottom, and after easily landing an ace, destroyed the nexus.

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