The ‘worst’ of the stadium grass to be held in the semifinals…Kim Eun-joong, “How did you take care of yourself?”

Kim Eun-joong (44), head coach of the South Korean national team, who will play in the semifinals of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup on the 9th (Korea Standard Time), was worried about the grass condition of the stadium.

Coach Kim held an official press conference at La Plata Stadium in La Plata, Argentina, on the 7th (local time), a day before the semifinals against Italy, and moved inside the stadium to look around the ground.

Head coach Kim, who looked at the field,먹튀검증 said about the grass condition in a meeting with News 1 reporters, “It’s really the worst. “I’m sighing,” he sighed.

“It’s not as good as the other stadiums we’ve played before,” he said. “The grass is a mess. How did you manage it like that…I was worried.

According to News 1, the grass at La Plata Stadium was in poor condition, with the grass dug everywhere. At La Plata Stadium, a total of 14 matches were played from the group stage to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Meanwhile, head coach Kim said in an earlier press conference, “It is not easy to make new changes because of the short time,” adding, “We are trying to do well what our players have been doing well.” “Italy has such a good offense that we will prepare well for it,” he said.

The semifinals against Italy will be held at 6 a.m. on the 9th in Korean time.

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