‘The Second Coming of Lee Man-gi?’ Cheonhajangsa, a college student, conquers the Baekdu class on New Year’s Day

Kim Min-jae (21, Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team), from the ‘University Student Cheonhajangsa’, won the Baekdu class in the Lunar New Year’s Day competition.

Kim Min-jae defeated Oh Jung-min (Mungyeong Sae-jae Ssireum Team) 3-0 in the Baekdu Jangsa (under 140kg) match of the ‘Withers Pharmaceuticals 2023 Lunar New Year’s Ssireum Competition’ held at Yeongam Indoor Gymnasium in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 24th. I reached the top of the first competition this year.

Last year, Kim Min-jae rode a flower palanquin twice while attending Ulsan University and was called a ‘ssireum monster’. After winning the first Baekdu in his life at the Dano Championships, he became the first college student in 37 years since Professor Lee Man-gi of Inje University at the end of the year.

Kim Min-jae joined the Yeongam County Folk Ssireum Team this year and continued to rise. He is poised to dominate the Baekdu class for the time being as he won the bull trophy from his first tournament.

In this competition, Kim Min-jae had nothing to be rough. In the quarterfinals and semifinals, he knocked down seniors from Geofu Cheonhajangsa. Kim Min-jae, who defeated Kim Jin (Jeungpyeong-gun Office) 2-1, defeated Jang Seong-bok (Mungyeong Sae-jae Ssireum Team) 2-0 in the semifinals and advanced to the final.

The strong momentum continued into the finals. After Kim Min-jae won the first round with a snatcher, he beat Oh Jeong-min with the second round as a wild badger. Kim Min-jae finished the third round with a push, confirming his business title.

The Yeongam County Folk Ssireum Team, led by coach Kim Ki-tae and coach Yoon Jeong-soo, produced as many as three masters in four weight classes in this tournament, receiving cheers from the county people. Prior to Kim Min-jae, Choi Jeong-man in the Geumgang class (under 90kg) and Cha Jung-min in the Halla class (under 105kg) also rose to the business. 온라인카지노

Only in the Taebaek class (under 80kg), Noh Beom-soo (Ulju-gun Office) blocked the overall crown of the Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Troupe. Noh Beom-soo confirmed that he is the strongest in his weight class by becoming a champion for the 16th time in his personal career (Taebaek Jangsa 15 times, Geumgang Jangsa 1 time).

▶’Withers Pharmaceuticals 2023 Lunar New Year’s Ssireum Tournament’ Baekdu Class Result
Baekdu Master Kim Min-jae (Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team) 2nd Oh Jeong-min (Mungyeong Sae-jae Ssireum
3rd place Jang Seong-bok (Mungyeong Sae-jae Ssireum Team)
4th Choi Seong-min (Taean-gun Office)
5th Jang Seong-woo (MG Saemaeul Geumgo) ), Kim Jin (Jeungpyeong-gun Office), Yoon Seong-hee (Dakjak-gu Office), Kim Bo-hyeon (Suwon City Hall)

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