The president shot… “Kim Min-jae looks the happiest”

The Napoli president treated the players to dinner. Kim Min-jae (25) also had a good time with his colleagues, satisfied with the dinner ‘shot by the chairman’.

Italian media ‘Arena Napoli’ announced on the 3rd (Korean time), “Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentis served dinner to the players and coaching staff at his famous meat restaurant. The players were very happy.”

The atmosphere of the dinner party could be heard through the owner of the old house. In an interview with ‘Radio Marte’, he said, “The president of Napoli was satisfied with the dinner with the players. I also felt a great atmosphere. We were also happy to treat a team that was ranked first in the league.”

“Director Spalletti also asked about meat. He was a great human being. Kim Min-jae created the atmosphere freely and energetically as usual. Following Kim Min-jae, Mario Hui led the atmosphere.”

Like a friendly dinner party, Naples is united in the best atmosphere. From the opening game to the present, they are leading the league with only one loss. They are taking a step closer to the championship trophy in 33 years, with a difference of 13 points from Inter Milan, which is second in the league.

All of Napoli’s best members are excellent, but Kim Min-jae’s performance is overwhelming. He showed his strength from his debut season in Italy’s Serie A, and also played a big role in the UEFA Champions League. He was also praised by the legends as he helped keep Napoli at the top of the league. Ruth Kroll, who played for Napoli, gave a thumbs up, saying, “I watch and follow Kim Min-jae’s matches. There were some mistakes in the match against AS Roma, but I’m growing fast.”

So did manager Jose Mourinho. Coach Mourinho praised, “Kim Min-jae and Amir Rahmani have very strong interpersonal defense. They are fantastic. They have the ability to make opponents suffer.”

When he was Tottenham manager, he also promoted the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. Coach Mourinho said, “I wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae during my time at Tottenham. We also had a video call. I couldn’t sign because of the difference in transfer fee. You can tell by looking at Kim Min-jae’s performance now. He is an amazing player.” 먹튀검증

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