The Orioles’ ‘Brother’s War’ is over… Agree to drop the lawsuit

The ‘brother’s struggle’ that shook the major league team Baltimore Orioles is over.

Local media such as ‘AP’ reported on the 7th (Korean time) that the court battle within the Angelos family, which owns the Orioles club, is over.

The quarrel started when his younger brother Lou Angelos (53) sued his older brother John Angelos (55), who is in charge of the club’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Lou Angelos sued his older brother and mother last year, alleging that his older brother, John Angelos, was cleverly using his mother, Georgia Angelos, 81, to seize control of the club against the will of their father, Peter Angelos, 93, who bought the Orioles in 1993. .

Father Peter wanted his brothers to share the property equally, but his brother Lou insisted that John try to take control.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the four-page court document did not explain why or how the parties agreed. Lawyers on both sides have not commented on this.

Questions remain, but the fact that the legal battle is over is good news for the Orioles.

Jim Palmer, a former Orioles pitcher and commentator for MASN, the club’s main broadcaster, said, “It’s good that (the legal battle) is over. If you are a baseball fan, you only have to worry about whether the Orioles will stay in Baltimore or become a successful franchise,” he said about the meaning of this work.

2023 is an important year for the Orioles. The lease for Camden Yards, the home stadium, ends on December 31st. A new lease agreement will be reached with the Maryland State Government.

It is likely to be an important year in terms of grades as well. Baltimore, which had no connection with the postseason since advancing to the wild card in 2016, showed the possibility of a rebound by surpassing the 50% win rate for the first time last season with 83 wins and 79 losses.

Top prospects such as Adley Lutzman and Gunna Henderson are raising expectations for the next season as they have successfully settled in the big leagues. 안전놀이터

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