The most disappointing game… ‘Cmack’ Dae-ho Kim, coach “I’m still very weak in the laning match. If I won, it wouldn’t match my skills”

“Nongshimjeon, if you do better than Nongshim, you will win, if not, you will lose”

On the 8th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ match was played between Guangdong and Liv Sanbak.

On this day, Kwangdong thrilledly won the first set against Liv Sanbak, but lost the second and third sets in a row. He fiercely pushed Liv Sanbak, but in the end, the difference in skill was widened.

Coach ‘Cmack’ Dae-ho Kim said in an interview with Riot Losers after the match, “I personally regret the match against Liv Sanbak the most.” 카지노

He then analyzed, “The opponent was slightly better than us in terms of skills, and we felt that we were still lacking. If we had won, we would have gotten results that did not match our skills.

Regarding the points he ordered from the players before the game in a situation where the patch was changed, coach Kim explained, “We decided to do a good laning match and prepare a tight basis for the first dragon and the first messenger.”

Contrary to how they dominated from the beginning of the 1st set, Guangdong gave up the 2nd and 3rd set unfortunately. Looking back at the sets he lost, he emphasized, “We are still very weak in the laning match. The laning match is not good at normal values. The mid-jungle match is also important, but along with this, the organic movement with the bottom has not come out, so the opponent’s pressure has become weak.” .

At the same time, he said, “In the case of the 3rd set, I should have applied strong pressure with Viego and Jerry-Lulu, but I suffered a lot of damage from the spell.”

In addition, he said about Nongshim’s next game, “If we improve our skills like pro gamers and do well, or if we do better than Nongshim, we will win, but if we do not, we will lose.”

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