The ‘Little Giant’ suddenly disappeared… Lee Da-yeon “I have to win last year”

Lee Da-yeon (26), who played an active part in the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) tour, disappeared after the first half of last year. She also competed at the Hanwha Classic in late August, where she was the defending champion, but she did not compete.

It’s because of surgery on her left elbow. Lee Da-yeon, who suddenly heard of surgery last summer, continued to go to and from the hospital to receive treatment, but ended up on the operating table.

He recalled, “I think it was before the Hanwha Classic. I went to the hospital because my elbow was bad, and they said I’d have to have surgery. I tried to return without surgery as much as possible, but isn’t it time for surgery? He said he thought I should do it now.”

From Lee Da-yeon’s point of view, there was no choice but to remain regretful. Last year, despite the tight tour schedule, she completed her studies at the same time as her studies. She spent the first half frantically, so in the second half she tried to put everything into golf. In particular, I wanted to try to defend the title of the major tournament, Hanwha Classic, but it came to nothing.

“I felt bad. Especially during the season…” said Lee Da-yeon, who swallowed regret, “After surgery, I continue to train for rehabilitation. Isn’t rehabilitation longer and more important than surgery? Rehabilitation itself is surgery and then return. I will continue to manage it until I do it, and as an athlete, I have to take care of my body anyway, so I plan to continue when I have time.”

The positive thing is that the rehabilitation process is smooth. So far, things are going well as planned. Recently, I started practicing my shot. Lee Da-yeon explained, “Now I am practicing my shots little by little. I am aiming to participate in the April tournament.”

I suddenly had a hiatus, but I am spending it wisely. She recently went on a trip with her family. In the past, it would have been a time when she would have been busy preparing for battery training after the season, but she made memories with her family. It is the preciousness found in regret.

Lee Da-yeon said, “It’s best not to get hurt, but there are things I learn from the injury process. Rather than being upset, I try to do what I can in the given environment.” . Still, I am exercising hard and resting well.”

If she returns to normal, she has the will to go on an overseas tour like Lee Da-yeon usually does. When asked what he would like to do the most after returning, Lee Da-yeon laughed and said, “Oh, I didn’t think of that,” and promised, “Of course, winning.” 카지노사이트

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