The goal of Gwangshin Broadcasting Preview, ‘Step by Step’

“I try to go up step by step. First of all, the goal is the quarterfinals.”

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of the season, but amateur players, who can be called the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season.

The same goes for Kwangshin Broadcasting. Although we had a disappointing year last season, we are doing our best to make up for it this season.

Lee Heung-bae, coach of Gwangshin Broadcasting Preview, said, “Last year, the players weren’t very tall. Also, Lee Hae-sol, the ace of the team, was not properly utilized. Around the time the team was doing well, (Lee) Hae-sol went to the national team. It came later, but it took time. So he only made it to the round of 16,” he said, looking back at last season.

“But this time things are different. height is not small There are three players in their 190s,” he added.

Later, when asked about Lee Hae-sol’s absence, he said, “Hae-sol’s departure is a big deal. But on the other hand, other players have been too dependent on Haesol. This time, we are not creating a team that relies on one player, but a team that everyone is responsible for.”

“It is certain that Hae-sol is a great player, but he has his strengths and weaknesses. So this time, I plan to show the strengths of basketball without Haesol. The players are also aware of that part,” he said together.

Afterwards, when I asked coach Lee about the team’s key players, he said, “(Kim) Hyun-seo and (Jeong) Seung-won should do it. I can’t say that these two players are the clear aces of our team. But it has to play the most important role. Hyunseo is the leader of our team. Everyone is following the seo. We need to exert more strength in reading and scoring,” he said. “Seungwon is tall. So we need to do more in scoring and rebounding. And the defense needs more contribution. Synergy will emerge in the team only when the two players are centered. I am looking forward to that part and am practicing for it.”

Then, what will be the team color for this season’s preview? In response, coach Lee said, “Until last year, there were many friends who were short. But this time it’s different. So, you can play basketball with height, and local defense will be a strong point. It’s not that I’m being pushed in speed. Even taller athletes can run. He emphasized ‘height’ and ‘speed’.

Lastly, when we asked coach Lee about his team goal, he said, “There were many good players in the past. However, since the corona period, it has been struggling a little. I’m staying in the 16th. But from now on, I’m going to go up one step at a time. For now, the goal is the quarterfinals.”

“I am practicing my best to do that. The will of the players is also great. Everyone is actively participating in winter training. It seems to be about 60% complete now. As there is still time left, we plan to match our teamwork and make up for our shortcomings through practice games.” 메이저사이트

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