The Dodgers gave up renewing their contracts, but…Turner time again in Boston, 39 years old overshadowed

Turner Time, which ended in the LA Dodgers, revived in the Boston Red Sox. Justin Turner (39), who looks at the fire, is leading the Boston lineup with his age-conscious performance.

Turner started as the second designated hitter in the home game against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on the 17th (Korea Standard Time) 스포츠토토 and led Boston to a 15-5 victory with three hits and six RBIs in five at-bats, including consecutive at-bats home runs. The six RBIs are Turner’s record for the most RBIs in a single game.

Turner, who opened the door with a double on the left line drive from his first at-bat in the first inning, hit a two-run home run over the left-center wall in the second inning. He drove the momentum and drove a wedge with a grand slam that went well over the center fence in the third inning. It was a home run that hit the top of the wall behind the center fence stands, reaching a distance of 429 feet (130.8 meters).

According to , Boston manager Alex Cora said, “I haven’t seen many players who sent home runs that high. Manny Ramirez used to hand it over there a lot between 2007 and 2008. It was a beautiful swing,” he said, praising Turner. Ramirez, who hit 555 home runs in his career, was the star of Boston’s two World Series championships.

Until this day, Turner has a batting average of .278 (71 hits in 255 at-bats), 10 home runs, 36 RBIs, and a .356 slugging percentage of .451 OPS.807 in 67 games this season. In June, his batting average of .333 (19 hits in 57 at-bats) in 14 games, 4 home runs, 15 RBIs, and OPS.991 are clearly on the rise.

Turner, who played nine years in warm western Los Angeles, had to adapt to the cold weather in the eastern part of the season. Turner, who said he also talked about it with Dustin Pedroia, a former Boston Express second baseman, said, “I talked about the difficulty of hitting at Fenway Park for the first two months. I heard it’s a good place to hit when the weather gets warmer. “The balls caught in front of the fence at the beginning of the season began to pass,” he said.

As the temperature rises, Turner’s sense of hitting is getting hotter. Coach Cora said, “If you look at the number of pitches and walks per batter’s box, Turner is providing enough quality at-bats. “When the day is over and the ball starts to fly more, it will show more results,” he said, expecting Turner’s long-hitting power to increase.

Turner broke up with the Dodgers for nine years after finishing the season last year. The Dodgers did not implement the $16 million annual salary team option in 2023, and Turner, who became an FA, moved to Boston with a one-year guarantee of $15 million and a two-year maximum of $21.7 million. Initially, he expected to reunite with the Dodgers by lowering his annual salary, but he disagreed in the contract period.

In mid-December last year, the Dodgers recruited J.D. Martinez, an FA designated hitter from Boston, for $10 million a year, effectively announcing their breakup with Turner. The next afternoon, Turner signed with the Boston Red Sox, confirming his split. “Turner time” was held at every critical moment for nine years at the Dodgers, but there was no eternal companion in the cold business world.

Martinez, who was recruited when the Dodgers gave up Turner, has been active in 54 games this season with a batting average of 257 (54 hits in 210 at-bats), 16 home runs and 48 RBIs OPS.890. The Dodgers’ choice was not wrong, but Turner, who is desperate, is also continuing his presence in Boston with his 39-year-old performance.

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