T1’s first victory with a ‘heavy shot’ at the forefront

After the middle of each set, T1 gained the upper hand with an offensive strategy, and won the opening game against rival Gen.G eSports (hereafter referred to as Gen.G) last season.

T1 won with a set score of 2-0 in Week 1, Day 2 of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split held on the 18th at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Genji, who took the lead thanks to Elise’s intervention in the top half of the first set, steadily interfered in the bottom area and steadily tried to engage to increase points and build up to 2 dragon stacks, but in the meantime, T1, who demolished the bottom and center 1st towers, I managed to build the first stack with the 2nd dragon and fall back without taking damage, and even though Gnar was cut, I managed to apply the Baron buff. In the central area raid, Genji scored the first kill and chased it, but T1 swept 4 kills based on Azir’s triple kill. it happened

After Lucian eliminated Lulu near Baron, T1, who started hitting Baron, switched to offensive as the opponent approached, wiped out 3 enemies, applied Baron buff, entered the lower area with a wave, and demolished internal towers and inhibitors. . While Nar was looking away, T1, who had accumulated 2 dragon stacks, eliminated Xante and switched to a fight even in the second tower attack situation, getting 4 kills and entering the opponent’s base, earning the first set point as it was.

T1, who created an advantageous atmosphere in the bottom slug fight at the beginning of the 2nd set, took the first dragon, then Genji, who summoned the first messenger to the central area, pushed the second dragon that the opponent hit first, balanced the stack, and even took the second messenger. After exchanging kills and towers with each other, Zenji summons a messenger to the central area and destroys the 1st tower. Appeared several times in the area and added kills. 바카라사이트

T1, who hit Baron and switched to engagement, melted Ari in an instant, and added 3 kills with Lucian’s double kill on the next turn. Distributing the front line, I unilaterally added 3 kills even with a small number and accumulated 3 dragon stacks. After applying the Baron buff, Fiora scored a double kill and turned the opponent’s offensive to no avail. T1 entered the opponent’s main base and overpowered Gen.G’s forces with force, destroying the Nexus as it was.

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