‘Sign Scandal’ ringleader Cora boasts, “We stole the World Series”

Alex Cora, who was found to have led the so-called ‘signing scandal’ during his time as Houston Astros bench coach, revealed that he did not reflect on his actions at all.

On the 3rd, ‘Boston Herald’ quoted the contents of ‘Winning Fixes Everything’, a book that tells the secret story of Houston’s signing scandal, which is scheduled to be published soon, and introduced stories that have not been known until now.

According to the report, Cora proudly boasted about stealing autographs while coaching Houston in 2018 while managing the Boston Red Sox.

Eyewitnesses said that the boasting intensified when alcohol was added. He is said to have even said, “We stole the World Series.”

An anonymous informant who was a member of the Red Sox at the time said, “I knew the Astros stole the autograph. Cora told me When he was playing with the Dodgers, he “knew what the ball was coming before the runners even got on base.” He didn’t even have to let runners out,’ and we wondered, ‘What the hell are you talking about?

It is one of the things allowed in Major League Baseball for a runner on second base to steal the catcher’s sign and pass it on to the batter. But the Astros have crossed the line. It was later revealed that he stole the catcher’s sign with a camera, deciphered it with an algorithm program, and delivered the sign to the batter by knocking on a trash can.

This was belatedly exposed through media reports, and Cora was suspended for one year along with manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Lunow. He withdrew from the Boston coach before the announcement of the disciplinary action, and returned after a year.

The relationship between Cora and Hinch is also described in the book. It wasn’t a very good relationship. There was also a fight with manager Hinch, raising his voice, because he trusted the team’s dedicated commentator and former Astros player Jeff Blum more.

On August 31, 2017, he got into a fight with Blum, who was accompanying the players, on the team bus returning from an away game. When Cora turned the music up too loud, Blum pointed it out, which led to a fight. At the time, the Astros were on their way home from Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and Blum wanted a quiet setting so the players could talk to their families, but Cora had other ideas.

Coach Hinch was frustrated with Cora’s erratic appearance and immature attitude and even considered cutting him, but thanks to the support of players such as Alex Bregman and Carlos Beltran, he was able to keep his position. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, this book also introduced the secret story of the signing scandal of the 2018 Red Sox club. According to this, the players took care of replay coordinator JT Watkins, who was pointed out as the instigator and was suspended for one year. “We know what he’s done for us, so it’s our job to take care of him,” he said, helping him financially. Watkins returned to the Red Sox team as a scout after the disciplinary action.

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