Shim Jun-seok, Choi Ji-man, Bae Ji-hwan and Hansotbap are influential… The PIT fan site also welcomes “big newcomer coming”

With the possibility of high school special pitcher Shim Jun-seok joining the Pittsburgh Pirates increasing, the Pittsburgh fan site ‘Lum Butter’ welcomed the arrival of a big rookie. 

Shim Jun-seok, the pitcher who throws the fastest ball in high school, chose to challenge the major leagues without applying for the 2023 KBO draft. 

In his freshman year of high school, he had already caught the attention of major league scouts by throwing a fastball of over 150 km. In March of last year, he signed with Scott Boras, a major league super agent, and began his advance into the United States in earnest. With this choice of Shim Jun-seok, the first honor went to Seoul High School Kim Seo-hyeon (Hanwha).

Lumberter said on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time), “It seems that Pittsburgh will add another international prospect this season. A few weeks ago, predicted that Pittsburgh would sign a promising Korean pitching prospect, Shim Jun-seok,” and said, “According to Korean sources, Shim Jun-seok will sign with Pittsburgh.” 

‘Lum Butter’ highly praised Shim Jun-seok’s ability. He introduced that he is excellent in both physical condition and speed, and he was selected as the 10th place in the MLB pipeline 2023 international prospect ranking. 메이저놀이터

Also, “I throw a fast ball that exceeds 100 mph at the top speed and consistently throws an average of 94 to 96 mph. He throws every pitch well, including a curveball that drops from 12 to 6 o’clock. In addition, with his large and strong physique, his arms are in good condition and he is evaluated for his excellent motor skills.” 

“Lumberter” said, “Shim Jun-seok was expected to be the first pick in the KBO draft, but he did not participate in the draft, declaring that he would advance to the major leagues. I think Pittsburgh will benefit from that. This is a huge opportunity for a team that needs to keep recruiting talent.”

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