Sender Lee Kang-in → recipient Kane…PSG Joins Kane’s Battle, “I Won’t Give Up Somehow”

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) also participated in the Harry Kane scout.

France’s ‘RMC Sports’ said, “PSG continues to strive to find an attacker. The club has no intention of stopping it. Kane and Dusan Blahovic are being discussed as the most likely candidates. and discussed Kane’s transfer.”

It is no exaggeration to say that Kane 메이저사이트추천 is Tottenham itself. Kane, who scored 280 goals in Tottenham’s career, is the team’s all-time leading scorer, and also scored 213 goals in the English Premier League (EPL), ranking second in history. Kane, who is the 3-time EPL scorer, is one of the best strikers in the world at the moment. He also became a legend in the England national team as the all-time top scorer.

In his last season, despite the team’s sluggishness, he struggled. In the 2022-23 season, Tottenham fell to 8th place and was sluggish, but Kane scored 30 goals in the league. Kane was the last bastion that Tottenham attackers could rely on. He was also in charge of not only scoring, but also playmaking and linking from the front, and in fact occupied most of Tottenham’s attack.

However, Tottenham has the task of protecting Kane. Throughout last season, Kane was surrounded by transfer rumors. Since last season was over and Kane’s contract period is one year left this summer, Tottenham said that this summer was the right time to sell Kane for a transfer fee.

His most likely destination was Manchester United. Manchester United, which lacked a front-line striker from last season, has been steadily targeting Kane, and has prepared a specific transfer fee of 100 million pounds (approximately 166.5 billion won). In addition, it was evaluated that in order to aim for the record of the highest scorer in the EPL, they prefer domestic rather than England.

However, after the season, Bayern Munich more aggressively approached Manchester United. According to David Onstein of the British ‘The Athletic’, Munich made an official offer of 70 million euros (approximately 99.6 billion won) to Kane on the 28th (Korean time). However, Tottenham maintained a position that they would not sell unless it was an offer of 100 million pounds (approximately 166.5 billion won), and rejected Munich’s offer.

Although the first offer was rejected, Munich did not give up. European soccer transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, who was also active in England’s “Guardian,” posted on his social media account on the 10th, “Munich made a second offer for Kane. . Tottenham rejected an offer of 70 million euros (approximately 99.6 billion won) the other day, and the reaction is similar now.”

Munich have made offers to Kane on two occasions, but Tottenham are also stubborn. According to the British ‘Guardian’, Tottenham is said to be preparing to reject a new offer from Munich, and reports have emerged that Levy will not change his position.

Chairman Levy virtually made a ‘declaration of non-sale’ to Kane. He set a price tag of 100 million pounds (approximately 166.5 billion won), but in fact, if an offer of a similar amount comes in, it means that there is room for negotiation, not an expression of willingness to hand over Kane.

On the other hand, Munich is sincere with Kane to the point of making two proposals and even coaching Thomas Tuchel. In Germany, news spread that Kane met Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and opened his heart. Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ said that Kane and Munich are in constant contact. “There was a meeting about Kane’s trip to Munich. His brother and father and manager Tuchel were also there. He negotiated everything about Kane’s trip to Munich,” Plettenberg said.

Chairman Levy is very indignant that Coach Tuchel contacted Kane separately. Germany’s ‘Bild’ said, “Chairman Levy is very angry that Munich has signed a personal agreement with Kane without his knowledge. Chairman Levy wants Munich to bleed by this, and 100 million euros (approximately 142.4 billion won) is proposed. I will not be selling it,” he said. Chairman Levy’s stubbornness has a great influence on the Kane transfer saga.

After Tottenham rejected Munich’s offer twice, PSG joined the fight to sign Kane. ‘RMC Sports’ said, “PSG has no intention of stopping the transfer market and is seeking to sign Major No. 9. Even if the case is not simple, PSG will use all means to sign Tottenham and England striker Kane.” told

However, PSG also has difficulties embracing Kane. Germany’s ‘Sport Bild’ said on the 13th, “Kane rejected the transfer to PSG. PSG recently expressed interest in Kane, but according to information, Kane only wants to go to Munich in case there is a change.”

It is not easy for both Munich and PSG. However, PSG want to continue to compete with Munich. As a result, it is expected that the Kane recruiting battle will unfold, and the price will inevitably rise. This is because PSG has not shown any intention to stop looking for a property in the transfer market.

If PSG brings Lee Kang-in, we can see another combination with Lee Kang-in. Initially, in Tottenham, he had to play the role of an attacking midfielder, but now if he comes to PSG, he will be able to focus on scoring a little more while receiving quality passes.

Amid the chicken game between the two clubs, Tottenham is moving more aggressively to catch Kane. The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 11th, “Tottenham will offer Kane a renewal contract with a weekly wage of 400,000 pounds (about 666.12 million won).” Kane is currently being paid £200,000 (approximately 333.6 million won), which is close to double that amount.

Chairman Levy still wants to hold on to Kane. Tottenham are trying to renew Kane’s contract as soon as possible because he has one year left on his contract. Also, since both Munich and PSG rushed before Kane’s recruitment, Tottenham has no choice but to be more urgent.

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