Ronaldo-Brozovic Recruited What’s Happening? … Al-Nasr Sanctions FIFA Ban On Recruitment Of Players

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr has been banned from recruiting players by FIFA.

Britain’s “BBC” said on the 13th 메이저사이트 (Korea Standard Time), “Al-Nasr was banned from recruiting players from FIFA.” The problem is that Al-Nasr did not pay Leicester City when he recruited Ahmad Moussa. The action will be lifted as soon as the outstanding amount is charged,” the report said.

Saudi Arabia is sweeping big names. Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, it is recruiting world-class players such as Ballon d’Or Winner Benzema and N’Golo Kante. It plans to raise global interest in Saudi Arabia by recruiting leading players. There were astronomical transfer fees and salaries for a large number of European players.

With Al-Nasr recruiting Ronaldo, Saudi Arabia’s world-class players began to gather, but Al-Nasr was quiet. Unlike other teams that recruit several players, European recruitment has not been achieved except for Ronaldo. Although it sought to recruit Hakim Ziyech, it was canceled when he found a knee abnormality during the medical test.

In the end, Al Nasr also had a new famous player. The main character was Marcelo Brozovic of Inter Milan. Al-Nasr announced the recruitment of Brozovic by releasing an official video on the club’s channel on the 4th. Brozovic said in the video, “Don’t worry, I’m here. I chose Al-Nasr.”

Other recruitment seemed to be accelerating, but sudden news was delivered. It was that Al-Nasr was banned from recruiting players from FIFA. The reason was an unpaid transfer fee to Leicester City. Leicester City submitted data to FIFA that Al Nasr did not pay 390,000 pounds (about 600 million won) in the process of recruiting Musa in 2018.

FIFA acknowledged Al-Nasr’s unpaid transfer fee and said the measure would be lifted once the balance was settled. Al-Nasr is expected to quickly settle the balance to recruit players. “Al-Nasr and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) have prepared to pay fees to lift the registration ban,” the global media ‘Gol Dotcom’ reported.

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