‘Reverse Tribute to Fans’ Round 5 MVP Sonia Kim, shot coffee or tea at 240 first-come, first-served people

5th round MVP Sonia Kim expressed her gratitude to the fans.

Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball, held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 23rd, Incheon Shinhan Bank and Bucheon Hanawon Q face-to-face in the 6th round. A coffee machine arrived in front of the gym before the game. It was a small gift that Sonia Kim, who won the 5th round MVP, prepared for the fans.

Sonia Kim, who opened a new nest at Shinhan Bank ahead of this season, is performing at her best. He recorded 19.1 points, 9.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists while playing an average of 34 minutes and 8 seconds in 27 regular league games. In particular, in the 5th round, she was selected as the 5th round MVP award with 24.4 points, 12.6 rebounds and 2.6 assists while running an average of 35 minutes and 58 seconds. This is her second round MVP award after round three.

An official from Shinhan Bank said, “Didn’t you receive the second round MVP this season in the 5th round? Sonia Kim told the club directly that she wanted to repay. So, I prepared a coffee truck with extra money. It is a gift that contains a feeling of gratitude towards the fans.” 토토사이트

Coffee and tea drinks were given to 240 people on a first-come, first-served basis. It was a number derived from Sonia Kim’s uniform number 24. Fans who visited the gym each entered with a drink. The fans’ faces were full of smiles.

Shinhan Bank prepared a special event to commemorate Sonia Kim’s 5th round MVP award. In advance, a comment event will be held to select 100 winners, and Sonia Kim’s MVP commemorative photo card and a 20,000 won exchange voucher for ‘Stupid’ will be presented.

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