Philadelphia recruits Kimbrel and Gregory Soto

Last year’s World Series runner-up, the Philadelphia Phillies, seems to have locked the back door tightly. Detroit Tigers closer Gregory Soto.

Philadelphia and Detroit reached an agreement on the 9th (Korean time) through the official website of the club that Philadelphia acquired Soto and infielder Cody Clemens, and Detroit took Nick Mayton and Matt Beering, catcher Donnie Sands, the 21st ranked Philadelphia prospect. announced that it

Philadelphia President Dave Dombrowski said, “It wasn’t easy to let go of the three players we gave away to Detroit because we all liked them. Both Beering and Maton contributed greatly to Philadelphia last year. There was a need,” he said. 토토

As President Dombrowski said, what Philadelphia wanted was to recruit a closer. Philadelphia, which has already brought in Craig Kimbrel, brought Soto in order to lock the back door even tighter.

Philadelphia already has a closer named Sarantoni Dominguez. Last year in Philadelphia, he recorded 6 wins, 5 losses, 15 holds, and 11 saves, leaving a decent record with an ERA of 3.00. However, Dominguez, as shown in the record of 15 holds, is a player who played as a midfielder and then turned to a closer. He was so burdened.

Kimbrel, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, was recruited to ease Dominguez’s burden, but he remains uneasy. As a closer, Kimbrel exposed his insecurities several times, to the point where he was unable to join the Los Angeles Dodgers in the postseason. Philadelphia, which could not be relieved with only Kimbrel, brought in Soto, who was selected as an All-Star twice.

Soto recorded 11 losses last year, but it was an unavoidable loss due to the nature of a weak team called Detroit. Soto’s record should rather be found at 30 saves. Soto kept the back door relatively well, posting a 3.28 ERA. He also proved his skills as a closer by posting 50 saves in his career.

Philadelphia has a lot of options. With three closers, Dominguez, Kimbrel, and Soto, it is possible to organize a group finishing system, or to take turns entrusting the bullpen and closer. Philadelphia, which missed out on winning the World Series last year, can try to leap forward this season by cracking down on the back door.

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