On the day when the new family came in, the captain stopped after the first base…Duckout players with their heads down, Pohang was no longer a ‘land of promise’

On the day he joined, even the captain’s main gun was injured in a come-from-behind defeat caused by a defensive mistake. The players bowed their heads.

The Samsung Lions are passing through an endless dark tunnel amid constant bad news.

To make matters worse, it hit me.먹튀검증 The day Ryu Ji-hyuk newly joined in exchange for sending Kim Tae-gun. He suffered a 4-7 come-from-behind defeat against Doosan Bears in Pohang on the 5th. The process was the worst.

The beginning was refreshing. In the third inning, Kim Sung-yoon and Kim Hyun-joon’s back-to-back triple and Kim Dong-jin’s timely hit continued to take the lead 2-0. Alternative starter Hwang Dong-jae was also pitching well without losing a point with 48 efficient pitches until the third inning.

The problem was in the top of the fourth inning.

After two outs, Yang Seok-hwan got on base with a double on the left-field line. Rojas walked two outs and runners on first and second base. Catcher Kang Min-ho approached Hwang Dong-jae. I talked for a while and relaxed my mind.

It worked. He induced Kang Seung-ho to fly with a forkball after three pitches. Hwang Dong-jae raised his hand as soon as the ball rose and was sure of being out. The ball hit the center of the triangle of second baseman, shortstop, and center fielder. No one made a call and hesitated to approach. In the end, as soon as the last ball fell, Kim Hyun-joon, who became in a hurry, tried to catch it as if jumping, but it bounced off the glove. The ridiculous situation that happened after two outs. Both the first and second base runners, who made an automatic start, stepped home.

It was a heavy double on record, a fatal error in reality. The moment you let go of a 2-2 tie in vain. Hwang Dong-jae, who seemed to take a breather as he escaped the crisis, was shaken. He allowed a 2-3 turnaround with three consecutive walks. It was the final point of the game.

The bullpen, which came up from the fifth inning, was also shaken. Hong Jung-woo made the bases loaded with no outs with three consecutive walks without getting an out count. As soon as left-hander Lee Jae-ik came up, Rojas and Kang Seung-ho hit consecutive timely hits, bringing all three responsible runners set up by Hong Jung-woo home. 2-6.

In fact, an additional run in the seventh inning, which became a wedge point, was also an excuse for an error. After two outs, when Jang Seung-hyun hit a direct hit to the pitcher, Kim Jae-ho hit a timely hit with two outs and second base with a bad pitch.

The bottom of the eighth inning, trailing 2-7. A major bad news broke out.

Leading player Kang Min-ho got on base with a hit. Oh Jae-il’s ball hit a ground ball in front of the first baseman. Oh Jae-il, who was sprinting to prevent a reverse double play, froze on the spot by touching his left thigh after stepping on the first base. The first base coach and trainer came running. Oh Jae-il’s face hardened as if he had sensed an unusual muscle rupture. The appearance of the captain limping in with his head down after being replaced by the pinch runner Kang Han-ul was symbolic. Even the dugout juniors bowed their heads in despair.

A Samsung official said, “It is a replacement due to pain in the left hamstring,” and explained, “There seems to be muscle damage, and we will have a checkup tomorrow.”

Ryu Ji-hyuk, a new family member who moved from Incheon to Pohang this afternoon and joined the new team, cheered up until the end.

With two outs and a first base, he gave strength to the dugout in despair with a timely double that was directly hit by the fence. Lee Sung-kyu’s timely double followed. a 4-7 chase.

He didn’t give up the bench either. In the ninth inning, left-hander Lee Seung-hyun also raised his dream of a miracle in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Leadoff Kim Hyun-joon seemed to revive hope by scoring his fourth hit against Doosan closer Hong Kun-hee. However, after one out, Pirella, who I trusted, hit a double play in front of third base, and the game ended as it was. The moment when the 7th consecutive rouging series has been confirmed since the 3rd consecutive LG series in Jamsil on the 13th of last month. The gap with ninth-ranked KIA, which won a great victory over SSG on the day, widened by six more games.

The day the new family joined. The hope I had for a while in Pohang, the “land of promise,” was also ruined amid a series of worst situations such as “practical play → bullpen collapse → bad news.”

Samsung Baseball is falling deeper and deeper into the mire. Pohang was no longer the “land of promise.”

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