NBA legend also criticized Irving… “I will never, never trust him”

Charles Barkley also strongly criticized Irving’s trade request.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving officially requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on the 4th (Korean time). The reason is that he did not receive a large contract extension.

Irving’s side requested that the team be moved before the February 10 trade deadline. I haven’t made a specific list of destinations, but it’s the worst in Brooklyn in many ways. First of all, the transfer request is too out of the blue. And suddenly, when the trade deadline is six days away, a trade is suddenly requested, and when it is difficult to negotiate normally with any team, you suddenly have to look for a trade.

Charles Barkley, considered the best undersized big man in NBA history, appeared on the local broadcast ‘Farden Interruption’ on the 4th and criticized Irving’s impulsive move.

“It’s shocking,” said Barkley, who said, “Irving put Brooklyn in a very bad situation. No team guarantees that Irving will be extended. His trade request is a very bad situation even for the NBA. It is a really bad situation.”


He said, “I will never trust him. look at his history Cleveland, Boston days. What he’s been doing in the last few years. He’s not a good fellow. How can the organization come to have faith in him?”

In fact, many NBA teams are said to be hesitant to sign Irving despite his level of skill. He is a mood-based player who requests transfers according to his own taste. Everywhere he went, he also caused problems with team chemistry. Basketball is a team sport. It is not an individual sport. This is the reason why teams are not willing to recruit him despite his outstanding skills.

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