Napoli, who left Kim Min-jae, increased the goal area shooting by 10% → ‘It became an ordinary team’

By Kim Jong-guk] Napoli, without Kim Min-jae, have been shaky in Serie A this season.

Napoli drew 2-2 away to Genoa in the fourth round of the 2023-24 Serie A on Nov. 16 (local time) in Genoa, Italy. With the draw, Napoli remains in fifth place in the league with a record of 2-1-1 (7 points) after two consecutive games without a win. Napoli, who won their first Serie A title in 33 years last season with Kim Min-jae’s breakout season, are five points behind leaders Inter Milan (12 points) after the first four games of the season.바카라

Napoli lost Kim Min-jae to Bayern Munich for a buyout clause ahead of the season. Spalletti, who led the team to the Serie A title last season, has also left the club. On the other hand, strikers Osimhen and Kvarachelia, who have been the subject of numerous transfer rumors, remain at Napoli and continue to lead the team’s attack. Garcia has been at the helm since the start of the season, and Napoli have had a rough start to the campaign.

Italian media outlet Gonfialete commented on Napoli’s early season struggles on Monday, stating, “Napoli look disorganized at the start of the season,” and “Where has the Napoli of last season gone? Everyone has questions, but no one can give a precise answer. Garcia doesn’t have an answer either. With the exception of Kim Min-jae, the squad from last season has been retained. He pointed out that there is no creativity in the attack and the organization has disappeared.

In particular, “Napoli are conceding too many shots in the goal area compared to last season. The percentage of shots conceded in the goal area has increased by 10% compared to last season.

In the first four Serie A games of last season, Napoli allowed only 7% of their shots on goal to be in the goal area. In contrast, in the first four Serie A games of this season, the percentage of shots conceded in the goal area was 17%.

Kim Min-jae has been a stalwart defender for Napoli since the beginning of his career last season. With Kim leading the defense, Napoli conceded just 28 goals in 38 Serie A games last season, the fewest in the league. Kim was recognized as the league’s best defender by the Serie A secretariat, winning the Best Defensive Player award.

Napoli, on the other hand, have conceded five goals in four Serie A games this season, a significant drop in defense from last season. After boasting one of the most reliable defenses in Serie A last season with Kim Min-jae, Napoli has become a team with a mediocre defense at the start of this season. Napoli have conceded more goals than relegation-threatened 19th-place Cagliari (4). Udinese, Torino, Bologna, and other clubs in the lower half of Serie A at the start of the season have also conceded fewer goals than Napoli.

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