MLB blackmailer Kyle Schwaber, what about the KBO League?

There are a total of 12 double-digit home runs in the KBO League, which finished the first half. Among them, Doosan’s Rojas has the 토토사이트 lowest batting average. He has a batting average of 0.222 with 10 home runs, followed by Choi Joo-hwan of SSG with 0.238 with 14.

There is no batter in the 10 percent range. There are two batters with a single-digit home run. The number of games played is small. LG Lee Jae-won, who played in 34 games, has three home runs and a batting average of 0.188. SSG Jeon Eui-san has drawn three arches in 38 games and a batting average of 0.192.

The number of games played is so small that it cannot be called a “all or nothing” blow. I wonder how Rojas and Choi Joo-hwan’s home runs and batting average will be proportional.

The San Diego Padres hit three consecutive home runs by left fielder Kyle Schwaber (30) in a four-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend. The Padres’ three consecutive losses stemmed from Schwaber. In the final game of four consecutive games on the 17th, Schwaber allowed a walk-off sacrifice fly.

Schwaber is MLB’s leading ‘all or nothing’ blackmailer. Minnesota Twins’ Joey Gallo has fewer home runs compared to Schwaber. Gallo has a batting average of 0.187 and 16 home runs.

Schwaber’s current batting average is 0.189. It is the lowest among batters who have met the regulation at-bats. He ranks 150th in MLB in batting average. It’s under the Mendoza line. Mendoza Line is a baseball term that represents a batting average of 0.200. Mario Mendoza, who spent nine seasons as a shortstop, batted under 20% five times.

Mendoza Line became more famous as George Brett, who was inducted into the hall of fame. Brett, who challenged Ted Williams’ batting average of .400 in 1980, said, “I see who is under Mendoza in the newspaper’s batting table,” highlighting Mario Mendoza. Lee Hae-brett marked a .390 batting average. Mendoza, who finished his MLB career with a career batting average of 0.215 and ironically served as a batting coach.

Schwaber’s batting average is below the Mendoza line. But power betting can’t take him out of the lineup. He is hitting the highest number of 25 in the team. He also ranks second with 56 RBIs. It is five behind Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves), the leader of the National League. Last year, he had a batting average of 0.218, ranking first in NL home runs (46).

Currently, 15 batters have hit more than 20 home runs in MLB. Los Angeles Angels’ Ohtani Shohei topped the list with 34. Among them, only two batters, Ohtani and Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta), who have a 0.333 batting average, are swinging power batting. It is also the background of two players leading the MVP race in both leagues. Among double-digit home run hitters, the KBO League has a .300 batting average of five.

MLB has a genealogy of blackmail hitters. Dave Kingman, Adam Dunn, Joey Gallo, and Schwaber, who were called “King Kong.” Kingman, who was active in the 1970s, became the NL home run king twice. He batted .236 with 442 home runs. Adam Dunn failed to become the home run king, but he hit more than 40 home runs six times in a season. He batted .237 with 462 home runs.

Schwaber, who made his MLB Chicago Cubs debut as a catcher in 2015, currently has a batting average of 0.228 and a home run of 224. It is an interesting point to watch whether he will finish the season without getting out of his batting average of 10 percent this year.

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