Masango coach Ko Yoon-sung, who transformed the team from underdogs to giant-killers “Student-ness + doing our best, baseball is our weapon” [Cheongryonggi High School Baseball].

 “Isn’t it true that you won the championship just because you beat the candidate for the championship? Now it’s only the round of 16 (3 rounds).”

18, Mokdong Baseball Stadium. Masan 꽁머니 High School coach Go Yoon-seong (41), who succeeded in advancing to the 3rd round of the 78th Blue Dragon National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon (co-sponsored by the Chosun Ilbo, Sports Chosun, and Korea Baseball Softball Association), was not excited even though he had a bright expression.

Masan High School defeated Busan High School 5-2 that day and advanced to the third round. In the first round, Masan High School, which made a surprise victory by winning 11 to 4, 6 against Deoksu High School, the winner of the E-Mart Cup and the candidate for the championship, maintained a consistent lead against Busan High School, which was lined with players expected to be the top picks of the KBO League 2024 Draft. Victory was won. Coach Goh said, “People around me said that the matchup for this tournament was ‘tough’, but I feel good at first because I got results in a good game.” I want to continue,” he said.

Masan High School achieved results by winning runner-up in the first half of the high school baseball weekend league in Gyeongsang region A and winning the second half. However, in this tournament, it was not a team that received much attention among the strong players. In the first round, they met Deoksu High School, a national powerhouse, and in the second round, they faced Busan High School, a regional powerhouse and a prestigious team. However, following the cold win in the first round, Masango made a series of victories in the second round with well-organized performance.

Coach Goh said, “Since the two teams won each championship in the previous tournament, I think there was a sense of slackness. I think there was a sense of lagging in the hot weather.” “Our players played well in the right place and showed good concentration. I see it as a winning factor.”

Founded in 1942, Masan High School has produced many KBO leaguers, including Gam Yong-yong Jeon Jun-ho. However, there was a feeling that it was less prominent compared to its local rival, Masan Yongmago, as it failed to achieve outstanding results in the national competition. However, in 2021, after the appointment of coach Goh, he won the first national championship in the association’s long term, and he is gradually emerging, such as reaching the semifinals of the Golden Lion last year. Coach Goh said, “It is great that all parts, such as school support and facilities, have improved.” Also, “Baseball is a team play. All players’ skills are one piece of paper apart. I always emphasize that I have to keep my student-likeness and do my best on the playground, and I am grateful that our players seem to follow the guidance of this coach-coach well.” said.

Coach Go said, “I received a lot of congratulations when I beat Deoksu High School. People around me said it was a surprise, but I didn’t dwell too much on it.”

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