Little Leaguers Complete Selection, Announce U16 Women’s Basketball Team Roster

The Korea Basketball Association (KBA) held a meeting of the Women’s Youth Performance Improvement Committee (hereinafter referred to as the tendency committee) on the afternoon of the 23rd and finalized the selection of the national team that will participate in the FIBA U16 Asian Women’s Basketball Championship to be held in Amman, Jordan in July.

Heo Mandeok, the head coach of Dongju Girls’ High School, was appointed by the Korea Basketball Association’s board of directors earlier, and the coaches who will assist him are Lee Yena of Daejeon Women’s College and Lee Yoo-ri of Masan Girls’ Middle School.

The performance enhancement committee, which was postponed once due to the COVID-19 infection of Kim Hwa-soon, chairwoman of the women’s performance enhancement committee, selected 12 players after discussions with the members of the tendency committee along with Heo Man-deok.

For the first time since the national team was convened, the squad did not include players in the 160-centimeter range, and the guards included Lee Won-jeong (Onyang Girls’ High School 1), who led Onyang Girls’ High School’s high-flying march in the 2022 season, and Hwang Yoon-seo of Sookmyung Girls’ High School.

Hwang is only a freshman in high school, but her height and athleticism have been recognized by high school coaches as a prospect with the potential to grow.

Lim Yeon-seo, who has been leading Supia Girls’ offense this season, was also selected for her potential.

Forward Lee Ga-hyun of Supia Girls’ 먹튀검증 High School, who is considered to be the next national team member, and Choi Ye-won of Sungui Girls’ High School, who has been recognized for her offensive ability since elementary school, were reportedly selected, while Yang Hye-eun (Sookmyung Girls’ High School 1) and Chung Chae-ah (Bundang Management High School 1) were also selected for the center line.

“We will have to compete with a team with good height and strength like Australia, but we will work hard for the rest of the season to build our players and organization so that we can come back with a ticket to the world stage once again like last season, and we will work even harder to coach our players because they are the future of Korean women’s basketball,” said Heo Man-duk, head coach of the U16 Women’s National Basketball Team.

The tournament will be held in Amman, Jordan, in July and Korea will play in Division A, Group A alongside Australia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Syria, with the first game of the preliminary round against Syria on July 10.

Unlike previous editions, the tournament will be divided into two groups of 10 teams in Division A. The first and second place teams in each group will qualify for the Basketball World Cup and the tournament will be held to determine the overall winner.

  • 2023 U16 Women’s National Basketball Team

Head Coach_Heo Manduk (Dongju Girls’ High School)

Coaches_Lee Yena (Daejeon Women’s College), Lee Yoo-ri (Masan Girls’ Middle School)

Guards_Lee Won-jung (Onyang Girls’ High 1, 173 cm), Hwang Yun-seo (Sookmyung Girls’ High 1, 183 cm), Lim Yeon-seo (Supia Girls’ Middle 3, 170 cm), Song Eun-ji (Cheongju Girls’ Middle 3, 170 cm)

Forwards_Kim Yeon-jin (Sookmyung Girls’ High School 1, 176 cm), Lee Ga-hyun (Supia Girls’ High School 1, 180 cm), Choi Ye-won (Sungui Girls’ High School 1, 176 cm), Hwang Hyun-jung (Onyang Girls’ High School 1, 173 cm)

Center_Yang Hye-eun (Sookmyung Girls’ High School 1, 179 cm), Chung Chae-ah (Bundang Business High School 1, 177 cm), Kim Na-hyun (Dongju Girls’ Middle School 3, 180 cm), Jang Seo-yoon (Cheongsol Middle School 3, 180 cm)

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