“LG, KT, SSG, Doosan quarterfinals this season”

The opening of professional baseball is approaching in 50 days. All 10 clubs are busy preparing for the new season, sweating hard at the overseas spring camp they visited after 3 years. There are still seven weeks left, and there are many variables such as the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Nevertheless, the composition of the squad, which can be said to be the basic physical strength of each team, was virtually sketched out. Min Hoon-gi, Lee Soon-cheol, and Jang Seong-ho predicted the league game this year through three commentators.

The clubs that the three members classified as strong teams without disagreement were LG Twins and KT Wiz. Last year, the two teams finished the regular season in 2nd and 4th place, respectively, but received high praise for not having any obvious weaknesses. Commissioner Lee said, “LG’s bullpen, needless to say, is the strongest among the 10 clubs, and even in the starting lineup, if Kim Yun-shik continues his active performance in the second half of last year, (NC Dinos) Gu Chang-mo will not be envious.” If you give it, it is a team that will perfectly harmonize with pitching.”

On the other hand, the evaluation of SSG Landers and Kiwoom Heroes, who faced off in the Korean Series last year, was somewhat mixed. Member Lee, who was the only one among the three to classify SSG as mid-level, said, “The bullpen is too weak compared to the starting lineup. Kim Taek-hyung, who was able to help, enlisted in the military.” Commissioner Min said, “Kiwoom is always a team of variables,” and said, “Last year, we achieved better results than expected and ate experience points, but it is difficult to continue that trend in baseball.” 안전놀이터

Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants were selected as the teams that achieved the most rapid increase in power during the Stove League. In particular, Doosan, which fell to 9th place due to foreign players struggling, brought back homemaker Yang Eui-ji as a free agent (FA) and brought in proven foreign pitcher Raul Alcantara, and was evaluated as having enough power to aim for the top ranks. Commissioner Jang emphasized, “Alcantara and Yang Eui-ji are players who will be the nuclei of pitching and hitting,” and “the team as a whole has enough potential.”

In the case of Lotte, it was evaluated that it had formed a pool of players enough to operate the necessary resources in the right place through FA contracts and recruitment of release students. Commissioner Min said, “It is true that Lotte’s performance last year was lower than objective expectations.” We will do enough fighting for the middle ranks,” he predicted.

All three members predicted that the mid-level competition would be particularly hot this season. As each club actively moved in the Stove League and strengthened its strength, it was explained that the composition could be overturned sufficiently through variables such as foreign players. There is also a WBC variable. As the main players of each club raise their pace earlier than usual, when the actual league opens, it may develop in a different aspect from previous years.

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