Lee Won-joon 72G – This is Yeon and Choi Sang-min 30G suspension…KBO confirms disciplinary action for ‘coughing and assault’ [official announcement]

 The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO 스포츠토토) issued a suspension disciplinary action against players who acted foolishly and assaulted junior players.

KBO held a reward and punishment committee at the KBO conference room on the 19th, and reviewed Lee Won-joon, who was currently a member of SSG, and Choi Sang-min, who SSG requested for a waiver announcement on the 13th.

On the 6th, Lee Won-joon, Lee Ji-yeon, and Choi Sang-min abused some of the players during a training break at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon. Lee Won-joon additionally assaulted a certain player’s thigh twice with a baseball bat.

The KBO Reward and Punishment Committee decided to suspend Lee Won-joon for 72 games based on Article 151 of the KBO Rules, ‘Damaging Dignity’, for Lee Won-joon, who committed harsh acts and assaults.

In addition, based on Article 151, ‘Damaging Dignity’, a 30-game suspension was decided for each of Lee Ji-yeon and Choi Sang-min, who committed harsh acts.

The KBO Reward and Penalty Committee issued a warning to SSG for the fact that it reported the club to the KBO Clean Baseball Center immediately after recognizing the matter and actively cooperated with follow-up measures.

The KBO’s decision has been made, and the club’s own discipline cannot be added. It is an agreement of 10 clubs. to prevent double punishment. In the case of Lee Won-joon, it was judged that ‘release’ was not a double punishment.

An SSG official said, “He was a player who exercised diligently. He seemed momentarily angry. He said that he felt something strange while banging his head in a bad neck condition.” “For whatever reason, assault is not allowed. A firm response was needed,” he explained.

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