‘KT Man’ Kim Sang-soo “It’s the first time I’ve left Daegu, Director Lee Kang-cheol made a sincere decision”

At the end of this month, right after the Lunar New Year holiday, 10 KBO league teams are leaving for overseas spring camp. Some teams have already started their squad. Star News publishes a series of interviews with new faces, such as transfer students and rookies, who greet the camp with more determination than anyone else. /Sports Bureau

① ‘KT Man’ Kim Sang-soo “It’s the first time I’ve left Daegu, coach Lee Kang-cheol’s sincere decision”

“It’s been like that every season, but this year’s resolution seems to be more unique. I want to help KT win the championship in a new environment.”

Kim Sang-soo (33), who transferred from Samsung Lions to KT Wiz after finishing last season, is determined ahead of the 2023 season.

Now he is a KT man. In a recent interview with Star News, Kim Sang-soo said about his current situation, “I am improving my physical condition while exercising ahead of the spring camp. I also moved from Daegu to Suwon. It was the first time I left Daegu.”

It was on November 24 of last year. KT announced that it had signed a free agent (FA) contract with Kim Sang-soo for a total of 2.9 billion won over 4 years.

Many baseball fans were surprised by the transfer of Kim Sang-soo, who seemed to remain a franchise star of the Lions. Kim Sang-soo, who graduated from Oksan Elementary School, Gyeongbok Middle School, and Gyeongbuk High School in Daegu, made his professional debut in 2009 after receiving the first nomination from Samsung. Appearing in 97 matches from his first year at the club, he showed rapid growth as he adapted to the first team stage.

Since then, as the main shortstop, he has contributed to Samsung’s regular season and 4 consecutive wins in the Korean Series for 4 years from 2011 to 2014. He also performed well on the national team. He first wore the national team uniform at the 2013 World Baseball Classic (WBC) tournament, and played in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2015 and 2019 Premier 12 respectively. In the KBO league, he participated in 1552 games, batting average of 0.271, 55 home runs, 549 RBIs, 754 runs scored, and 251 stolen bases.

While leaving the hometown team he was fond of, Kim Sang-soo held a fan meeting in Daegu in December of last year. Kim Sang-soo said, “After signing the contract, I had many thoughts. More than anything, I wanted to convey my heart to the fans. Even when I went to KT, they said a lot that I would like to do well. There were also people who were really sad. I felt a lot through the comments I left on my social media. “he said.

먹튀검증 He continued, “In the past, fans have arranged such events, but this time I wanted to create them. I was impressed that more people came than I expected. Although I left Samsung, I still showed a good side to the fans in this team. I thought it was okay,” he said, thanking him.

This year, he became a 15-year professional veteran. At KT, Kim Sang-soo plans to fill the void left by shortstop Shim Woo-jun (28), who joined the military. He can also cover the second baseman position of ‘veteran’ Park Kyung-soo (39). He stressed, “I saw a shortstop last season, and it was worth it. I think I need to prepare well from spring camp. I have to practice a lot.”

In fact, the one who showed the most sincerity in recruiting Kim Sang-soo at KT was the commanding tower, coach Lee Kang-cheol (57). Kim Sang-soo recalled, “He showed his faith in me so that I could transfer with a big heart. That was really big. He said he needed me and wanted me to work together, and I felt his sincerity. I was really grateful.”

When asked to support the national team that will participate in the WBC in March, he said, “It seems like it’s been a while since I wore the national team uniform.” It will be big, but don’t feel too pressured and just want to do well.”

To Samsung fans, Kim Sang-soo said, “I really apologized a lot for not being able to be with you until the end. I feel that way a lot.” He then promised KT fans, “I will prepare well in the spring camp so that I can show a good image on the pitch. I will work hard to show a good image during the season.”

He said, “Every season, I have a different resolution, but this year is more special because it is a new environment. Of course, I would be lying if I said there was no pressure.” I want to contribute,” he promised.

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