Korean long hitters with superpowers ① Hong Hyeon-jun, ‘God of Destruction’

Owners of superpowers who unleash the desire for distance that any golfer dreams of have gathered in one place. Into the unknown behind-the-scenes stories of 5 Korean professional long hitters with an absurdly low 300-yard wall.

The Beginning of Golf As a child, he played baseball. His position was catcher. He went to a golf tournament gallery with his parents, fell in love with a player, and decided, “I will play golf,” and switched to golf without hesitation. That player was Bae Sang-moon. Bae Sang-moon was young and had a cool look. Golf first started then. He performed well in his first long hitting competition, which he participated in as a recommendation for a

professional long hitting player . “Is this my way?” I thought. The atmosphere of the long-shot competition was good. The cool hitting players, the sound you hear when hitting, and the level of response were different from those of regular golf tournaments. I was attracted to the fact that I could hit the driver as hard as I could with excitement, without having to be timid to hit the OB in the midst of tension.

Long hit and score Tour players may have a direct effect on their score if the distance increases, but in a situation where they have to hit as hard as possible like a long hit player, it can have the opposite effect. Golf isn’t just a long-shot game. I don’t play rounds well now, but I’m a scratch golfer. On good days, he even records 60 at-bats. I usually only grab two wedges after my tee shot. He honestly has been wearing irons for over 10 years (laughs).

episode There are so many episodes. that happened at the competition. In a par 4 hole, when pro players hit a driver tee shot, the second shot was a hole with 140 yards left. I hit a driver shot straight, but the fore caddy couldn’t find the ball at all. On that hole, he hit just five provisional pitches. The balls I hit were on the green. The distance must have been about 360 yards. He holds the record for the longest shot in Asia at 471 yards. He is famous among players for breaking

equipment breaking shafts a lot. The head didn’t break much, surprisingly. The reason is that continuous force was not applied by using only nine driver heads alternately during practice. I also pay attention to head face management. When practicing, use only clean, unscratched balls. The condition of the ball greatly affects head face damage. The golf ball is very brittle, so a specially designed ball with a high compression value is used.

Distance Keyword Simply put, it is the amount of practice. In order to increase the distance, you have to hit as much as you can. I hit 400-500 on average, and when I hit a lot, I hit 800-1000. This is the number of times you hit only the driver with a full swing. I know it’s incredibly hard work, but I have to practice this much to increase my flight distance. General amateurs recommend practicing full swings with a headless shaft or towel to avoid injury.

long-distance training Regarding the long hit, I have never taken a swing lesson. He tends to do a lot of research on his own. He does weight training and yoga every day, and also does Pilates three times a week. Since only weight training reduces the range of motion in the swing, flexibility-building exercises are essential to continuously increase the range of motion.

Distance increase curve When training to participate in the US competition, the distance increased the most. As I learned power training and functional training from a trainer who was an American football player, my flight distance definitely increased. In addition, if you feel the acceleration of the club by using light practice tools and heavy practice tools at the same time, you will be able to experience the increase in club speed.

Long Hit Tournament Attractive Long Hit Tournament is a completely different game from the Tour Tournament. First of all, the atmosphere is different. It’s very noisy. Play a game with music playing loudly through the speakers. Players sometimes ask the gallery to respond more. Except for the moment when I hit the driver, it seems like I came to the event. It is an atmosphere where the players play around with each other, laugh and talk, and encourage each other even when they go into the shot. It is really attractive in that it is a game that is played while having fun while raising energy rather than being tense.

Life of a Korean Long Hitter Long hitting competitions are emerging little by little, but the reality is that there are still many competitions that only amateurs can participate in. There are too few competitions in Korea where professional long hitters can participate. I think there is no need to differentiate between pros and amateurs in long hitting competitions. In the United States, Bryson DeChambeau also competes in long hitting competitions. The long hitting contest is not a game to score, but a game to hit far. Long hitters are rarely for money. Rather, they participate in the competition at their own expense. I hope that there will be more stages that people who have fallen in love with long hits can enjoy. 카지노사이트

It is the future champion belt. The championship belt is given only at the World Long Drive Championship held in Las Vegas, USA. This championship belt is the highest award a long hitter can receive. It may be a reckless idea, but I don’t think it’s impossible. I always go to competitions to make this dream come true.

▲ Long Tip
Many golfers make a left hand lead swing that puts more power on the left hand than the right hand. But for a long hit, you need to actively use your right hand. You can hit a long hit only when you exert the strength of both hands to the maximum. If you are a golfer who does not cast heavily, try using your right hand strongly in the transition.

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