Korean-Chinese War 98th edition… Korea 53 wins, China 45 wins

2022 Chinese Gabjo League regular season ends 10 wins and 5 losses Kang Dong-yoon, Korean mercenary most wins (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) This season, which opened in August of last year after postponement, passed the year while experiencing difficulties that were postponed several times in the middle due to the corona situation.

Again, 16 teams competed for the rankings in a full league with 15 rounds. Each match is a team match with 4 players, and the team that wins 4-0 or 3-1 gets 3 points. In a 2-2 draw, the team that won the captain’s game gets 2 points and the team that lost the captain’s game gets 1 point.

The difference between the Chinese league and the Korean league is that the Chinese league has a captain match. It is also a supplement to a draw, but it has a great effect of inducing a big match between strong players. In case of a draw, the ace of most teams is placed in the captain’s match because the difference in victory points is based on the result of the captain’s match. 카지노

Eight Korean drivers were active. They are the signboard players representing the Korean baduk world. There is a regulation that prohibits head-to-head confrontation between mercenaries, so I played against a comprador Chinese knight online.

In terms of individual results, in order of most wins, Kang Dong-yoon’s 9th Dan had 10 wins and 5 losses (3 wins and 2 losses), Byeon Sang-il’s 9th Dan had 9 wins and 2 losses (2 wins), Park Jeong-hwan’s 9th Dan had 9 wins and 6 losses (3 wins and 1 loss), Shin Jin-seo 9p 7-3 (5-3), Shin Min-jun 9p 6-6 (2-4), Kim Myung-hun 9p 6-8 (4-5), Kim Ji-seok 9p 3 wins and 7 losses (1 loss), Lee Ji-hyun 9-dan 3 wins and 8 losses (1 win and 4 losses, captain’s record in parentheses).

8 Korean mercenaries played a total of 98 matches. Park Jeong-hwan (9p) and Kang Dong-yoon (9p) played all rounds, Shin Jin-seo (9p) missed five rounds, and Byeon Sang-il (9p) missed four rounds.

Subo’er Hangzhou, a luxurious lineup, had to consider the victory allowance of Shin Jin-seo 9th Dan, which is 110,000 yuan (approximately 20 million won) per win. It was a lot (eventually kept first place).

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