Kiwoom’s deepening line-up concerns, “There is no fixed batting except for No. 2 and No. 3.”

There is a shortage of constants.

Kiwoom is the runner-up in the Korean Series last year. This year is the only time among the 10 clubs that has not won the franchise Korean Series. But the season is not easy. As of the 10th, he is in seventh place with 38 wins, 2 draws and 43 losses. The gap is not large whether it is below or above, but it is clearly an unsatisfactory pace.

There is no problem with the mound, which shines at the top of the pitcher’s WAR (13.38) (contribution to victory over substitute players) based 메이저놀이터 추천 on statistics company Statistics of the KBO League. The frustrating place is the attack. He finished seventh with a team batting average of 0.256. Due to the broken balance of offense and defense, it is difficult to find the right time to hit.

Kiwoom has the strength of having two representative batters in the league, Kim Hye-sung and Lee Jung-hoo. But at the same time, it is also a weakness that there are only two reliable cards. There is no ‘solver’ to support. The two batters are struggling, but they are not enough.

The absence of foreign hitter Edison Russell is painful. With a batting average of 0.286 with four home runs and 42 RBIs in 59 games this season, he disappeared from the first division due to a left wrist injury. Although he was not as active as Yasiel Puig last year, he is a player with a big difference.

He played the most 208 at-bats in the team’s fourth at-bats and complied with the ability to produce RBIs. He is second in the team after Lee Jung-hoo (44 RBIs). Kim Hye-sung (33 RBIs) will follow him. Except for these three, there are no Kiwoom players in the league’s top 30 RBIs. Russell’s gap is as big as that.

This is why Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki is struggling with the lineup. Hong pulled out 82 lineups in 83 games this year. It is the largest number of clubs among the ten. This is compared to LG’s 50 lineup in 80 games.

The head coach said, “There is no fixed position other than No. 2 Kim Hye-sung and No. 3 Lee Jung-hoo.” It doesn’t mean much to the rest of the batting order. He explained, “This is the result of thinking about only the link that will lead to on-base scoring.”

Lee Hyung-jong, Lee Won-seok, and Kim Woong-bin were named as No. 4 without Russell, but they are not satisfied. Important figures such as 0.252 (7th) batting average and 35 home runs (9th) in the team’s scoring position are still drifting. To make matters worse, Lee Won-seok also left the first division on the 9th. Coach Hong said, “This is the aftermath of the last ball hit (against Gocheok NC on the 4th). “I decided that it would be better to fully recover and prepare for the second half,” he explained the background.

I don’t see a suitable solution. It is hopeful that Russell is improving, but it is time to spend the first half. It is a group of heroes who should expect a turnaround in the second half of the full team.

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