Kim Wan-jong – Han Tae-joon – Lee Sang-hyun – Kim Young-joon, instead of playing Yut on New Year’s Day, a mini game ‘back smashing is a bonus’

Although it was impossible to play Yut during the Lunar New Year holiday, the players enjoyed the holiday by playing mini-games on the court.

On the 22nd, a match between Woori Card and OK Financial Group in the men’s volleyball V-League was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. Woori Card Kim Wan-jong, Han Tae-jun, Lee Sang-hyeon, and Kim Young-jun played an impromptu mini-game before the match. 헤라카지노

They had to stand around and face each other and pass the ball to the other with one hand. As volleyball players, the use of both hands was not allowed.

It is a game in which the ball is passed to the opponent using only one hand. The ball landed on his side, but he had to be penalized.

The penalized player was smashed in the back by his teammates. Spike is a fearsome volleyball player, but he showed camaraderie and punished at the level of massage.

Woori Card won a pleasant victory by winning a come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3 to 2 after a full set match against OK Financial Group in the Lunar New Year match. After winning 3 consecutive wins, he grabbed OK Financial Group and rose to 3rd place.

The volleyball V-League does not stop even during the Lunar New Year holidays. Even during the Lunar New Year holiday, he is with volleyball fans.

Players who couldn’t be with their families on New Year’s Day couldn’t play yut on the court, but they played mini games for a while to create a fun holiday atmosphere.

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