Kim Sun-bin ‘fractured thumb in right hand’ expected to miss 4 weeks…When will KIA return to full strength?

Kim Sun-bin (34) of the KIA Tigers has been sidelined with a finger injury.

KIA announced on the 19th, “Kim Sun-bin was diagnosed with a fracture in his right thumb after a medical examination today. He will undergo stabilization and rehabilitation treatment for four weeks, and will be re-examined in two weeks to see if his symptoms have improved.”

Kim was hit on the right thumb while trying to catch a Jason Martin hit while fielding in the NC on April 17. He was subbed out due to pain and 스포츠토토 was initially diagnosed with a suspected fracture at a nearby hospital. A further examination later in the day confirmed the fracture and ruled him out of the team for the time being.

Kim, who is batting 3-for-2 (179-for-54) with 18 RBI, 18 runs scored and a .736 OPS in 54 games this season, will be out of action for four weeks due to the fracture. It’s a big blow for KIA, which had hoped to be at full strength with Choi Won-jun retired from the mercantile and the impending return of Na Sung-beom and Kim Do-young from injury.

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