Kim Do-young’s “Such a Day,” director Kim Jong-kook watched it…”Unlike MZ, it’s sentimental”

Kim Do-young’s “Such a Day” even knew the head coach far from SNS. The club sold related products through quick judgment and movement 먹튀검증 of the situation and hit a “marketing jackpot.”

KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-kook was asked about infielder Kim Do-young’s SNS posting, which recently became a hot topic, shortly after the rain cancellation against the Doosan Bears in Gwangju on the 23rd.

Director Kim Jong-kook said, “I’ve seen ‘Such a Day’,” adding, “But who took the picture?” People say “meme” these days, but (Kim Do-young) has an emotional side that is not like the MZ generation,” he laughed.

Kim Do-young, who marks her second year as a professional this year, is called a “Gwangju idol.” He has been the talk of the town since he wore the KIA uniform for his hometown team as the first designation last year and is currently the player who realizes the love of his fans the most in KIA.

Naturally, every SNS activity of Kim Do-young is also drawing attention from fans. Recently, on his Instagram account, he said, “You know those days. I have an umbrella in my hand, but I just want to look forward in the rain…It drew attention by posting the phrase “Such a day.”

Kim Do-young later deleted the post, but a meme called “Kim Do-young’s such a day” was created and countless parodies were created among fellow players and fans.

The KIA club incorporated ‘such a day’ into marketing. Kim Do-young’s “Photo Card” was sold in a home game against Doosan on the 21st, leading fans to Champions Field. As well as general photo cards, it drew attention by introducing a “photo card” with Kim Do-young’s “You know, that day” photo inserted.

The reaction from the fans was explosive. Throughout the game on the 21st, a line with no end in sight was set up in front of the photo card vending machine on the third floor of Champions Field. From before the start of the game to after the end, fans’ passion to get Kim Do-young’s “Photo Card” was hot.

The KIA club even produced a “Such a Day” T-shirt with Kim Do-young’s picture on it. With more than 1,000 copies sold at the same time as its release, the marketing team is having a “good day.”

However, from the 22nd to the 23rd, many fans turned away without getting Kim Do-young’s photo card. As the rain cancellation was decided early before the spectators entered, fans could not go to the photo card machine, so they had to promise the next time.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook told the club’s front desk that the “Such a Day” photo was Kim Do-young’s “selfie,” and said, “I thought someone took it, but it wasn’t.” “Kim Do-young should not go outside when it rains.” There are a lot of games left, so there should be no injuries until the end,” he joked.

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