KBO’s genius hitter pulls out wildly… KIA’s next-generation ace ‘Hot January’

“I will continue to work with Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) in the United States.”

KBO top hitter Lee Jung-hoo left for Los Angeles, USA, as soon as his sister’s wedding was over, and began his personal training. He enters the major leagues through the posting system after this season. He is working on modifying his batting form to improve his performance this season and his baseball in the long term. He has hired personal trainers and personal coaches. 안전놀이터

However, there is a player who accompanies Lee Jung-hoo to his personal training, and it is revealed that the player is Eui-ri Lee (KIA), drawing attention once again. Lee Eui-ri and Lee Jung-hoo also left the country on the 9th. We have a close relationship, and since we have the same agency, we naturally matched our schedules.

There is a facility in Los Angeles that specializes in personal training for baseball players. According to a KIA official, Lee Eui-ri trains with Lee Jung-hoo throughout January. On February 1st, Lee Jung-hoo will move to Kiwoom’s Scottsdale spring camp, and Lee Eui-ri to KIA’s Tucson spring camp. And on February 14, he will reunite with the WBC national team at Tucson camp.

In a warm place in advance, they systematically raise their condition and make up for each other’s shortcomings. The downside of personal training is that it can easily become boring, and feedback may not be smooth. However, Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Eui-ri can be each other’s strength. There is Lee Jung-hoo’s personal trainer and coach, but it’s another area.

In particular, for Lee Eui-ri, who is in her third year as a professional, personal training with Lee Jung-hoo is expected to be of great help to her development as a baseball player beyond mere memories. Lee Eui-ri usually communicates actively with Lee Jung-hoo, and he seems to be more objective and cool-headed in his evaluation of himself while eating and sleeping with Lee in LA, and he seems to be stimulated and gain confidence. The fact that we have more time to communicate honestly is encouraging in itself.

For example, Lee Eui-ri can have a chance to understand baseball from a new perspective by listening to Lee Jung-hoo’s thoughts on the preparation process and the number of goals when dealing with himself from the batter’s point of view. Batters and pitchers are completely different positions, but in the category of baseball, you can share, compare, and broaden the spectrum.

Lee Eui-ri is expected to be able to set her own medium and long-term goals naturally through Lee Jung-hoo. From that year onwards, Lee Jung-hoo set his goals wide and grew his dream of becoming a major leaguer while watching Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) right next to him. His father, Lee Jong-beom, made a bloody effort to escape from the halo of LG coach, and the burden and responsibility were great. It is a good reference book for Lee Eui-ri, who needs to grow into the next-generation KIA ace.

Eui-ri Lee played full-time for the first time in his life in the 2022 season, which was his second year, and succeeded in winning 10 starts. This season, the most important task is to strengthen the consistency of pitching. I have to do well in the WBC, and there is a possibility of being selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. January is hot in Lee Eui-ri.

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