“It’s like Yu Hee-gwan”… 1st designated left-handed fireballer, certified as the 29th successor

“It seems to be watching Yoo Hee-gwan.”

Left-handed fireballer Lee Byung-hun (20), who was first selected by the Doosan Bears, received favorable reviews from his first pitching in the bullpen. On the 1st, the first day of spring camp, Lee Byung-hun started pitching in the bullpen at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia. Since it was the first training day, the pitchers who pitched in the bullpen, including Lee Byung-hun, threw about 25 to 30 pitches, loosened their arms, and checked their senses.

It was Yuji Serizawa, the new Doosan battery coach, who watched Lee Byung-hun’s pitching with interest. Coach Serizawa stood next to the catchers and checked their condition, watching how Yoon Jun-ho (23), the most inexperienced new catcher, received the ball from the pitchers. Then, when the youngest battery Lee Byung-hun and Yoon Jun-ho matched their breath, I looked at it even more interestingly.

Coach Serizawa called Lee Byung-hun after pitching in the bullpen and said, “The kicking movement was really good. I thought I was watching Yoo Hee-gwan (37, retired)” and smiled. 먹튀검증

Yoo Hee-gwan is the best left-hander in Doosan’s history and the senior Lee Byung-hun wants to follow. Yoo Hee-gwan joined Doosan in 2009 and stayed as a one-club man until 2021, appearing in 281 games and harvesting 101 wins (69 losses). He became the first left-hander in the Doosan franchise to surpass 100 wins, setting a record for the most wins that is difficult to break for the time being.

Lee Byung-hun even changed his uniform number to 29 after finishing last season. Number 29 has been the uniform number representing Yoo Hee-gwan. Yu Hee-gwan, while putting down the number 29, hoped that a junior left-handed pitcher would continue the uniform number, but when Lee Byung-hun became the new owner, he was sincerely happy.

Yoo Hee-gwan also asked Lee Byung-hun, “I hope that he will achieve good results so that he can become Lee Byung-hun’s 29th, and even the Bears’ left-hander’s 29th, not the 29th that Yoo Hee-gwan wore.”

As the 29th successor, Lee Byung-Hun started feeling good after hearing favorable reviews. Lee Byung-hun is the player that Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop most desperately wanted to grow this season. In a situation where the team lacks left-handed pitchers, if fireballer Lee Byung-hun takes over the bullpen, he can ease his worries not only this season but also for the next 10 years.

Coach Lee is concentrating his efforts on finding a gemstone with great potential for growth by intensively watching the pitching group training at the beginning of spring camp. In addition to Lee Byung-hun and Choi Seung-yong (22), Kim Ho-joon (25) and Lee Won-jae (20) are sweating on their left hands.

Lee Byung-hun drew attention by throwing a fast ball that exceeded 150 km per hour before he underwent elbow surgery in his senior year at Seoul High School. He joined Doosan last year and rehabilitated healthily, and at the end of the season, by throwing 5 innings in 9 games for the 1st team, he also accumulated some experience on his professional stage. Will he be able to survive the competition for the left-handed young gun in this spring camp and find a place in the left-handed Pilseungjoo that coach Lee wants?

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