It broke after 4 games… Oh Hyun-gyu’s Celtic debut goal in the Scottish FA Cup

Oh Hyun-gyu (22), who challenged the Scottish Premier League stage wearing a prestigious Celtic uniform, scored his debut goal in four matches after joining the club. He raised his expectations even more by showing off his ability to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and his sharp scoring ability at the same time.

Celtic won a 5-1 victory over St. Mirren in the 5th round (final of 16) of the Scottish Football Association (FA) Cup (hereinafter referred to as Scottish Cup) in the 2022-23 season held at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland on the 12th. Since the match against Rangers on the 12th of last month (2-2 draw), Celtic has continued its upward trend of 8 consecutive wins throughout the regular league and cup competitions. In addition, since the loss (1-5) of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League group stage match against Real Madrid (Spain) on November 3 last year, the team has maintained an undefeated streak of 16 matches (15 wins, 1 draw).

Oh Hyun-gyu, who has been continuously increasing his playing time per game since joining Celtic, stepped on the ground in place of his teammate Juan Felipe Jota in the 18th minute of the second half when the team was leading 1-0. In the previous game, Oh Hyun-gyu, who showed great contribution to the team, such as getting the opposing defender sent off, made a strong impression again by scoring his debut goal in the Scottish League this time.

In the 35th minute of the second half when Celtic added a goal and led 2-0, teammate Callum McGregor’s shot was not cleared properly by the opposing goalkeeper, so he quickly jumped in and finished it with a return shot. A beastly goal he scored in 4 matches after joining Celtic. Celtic, who opened the score to 3-0, later scored two goals with a relaxed game management to increase the score to 5-1.

Since joining Celtic on the 25th of last month, Oh Hyun-kyu has been constantly making substitutions and is having a period of adaptation to the league. Celtic, who recognized Hyun-gyu Oh’s potential, raised the transfer fee, which was originally set at 2 million euros (2.7 billion won, JoongAng Ilbo exclusive report on December 20 last year), to 3 million euros (4.1 billion won), resulting in a five-year contract.

Scottish media Glasgow Live said, “Oh Hyun-kyu scored his first goal in a Celtic uniform,” and “His movement was threatening. He has proven that he can show more.” The club also changed the main screen of the official SNS to a picture of Oh Hyun-gyu’s debut goal, congratulating the new face of the beast girl. 안전놀이터

The dance ceremony performed by Oh Hyun-gyu immediately after the match also became a hot topic. Receiving applause and cheering from the Celtic players gathered in front of the home supporters, Oh Hyun-gyu jumped up and down and waved his arms, holding a delightful ceremony in front of the fans with a witty ceremony.

On the 19th, in the Scottish Premier League round 26 home game against Aberdeen, Oh Hyun-kyu challenges to score two goals in a row. Celtic has 23 wins (1 draw and 1 loss) in the regular season this season and is an overwhelming lead with 70 points. It is 9 points behind the 2nd place Rangers (61 points).

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