Is a ‘100 Million Dollar Jackpot’ Possible? ML Scouts have already come to see ‘Blowing Genius’

On the 3rd (Korean time) Kiwoom Spring Camp at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. A blonde foreigner came to Kiwoom Camp.

He watched the training of Kiwoom players, but he followed only one player and did not take his eyes off him. It was Kiwoom’s superstar Lee Jung-hoo.

On this day, Lee Jung-hoo alternately hit batting balls in two outdoor stadiums at Salt River Field, and finally moved to the indoor batting cage and hit batting balls again. Every time Lee Jung-hoo moved, foreign men followed him.

Kiwoom’s public relations team said, “They said they were from the San Francisco Giants.” He was a scout for the San Francisco club. At the point when the camp had just started, he came even though his exercise was low as he was gradually improving his condition.

Major League clubs are already showing active interest in Lee Jung-hoo, who publicly declared his challenge to the major leagues and signed a contract with major league super agent Scott Boras.

Lee Jung-hoo signed an agent contract with Boras Corporation in Los Angeles, USA in mid-January. After the last season, Lee Jung-hoo told the Kiwoom club that he wanted to advance to the major leagues by posting after the 2023 season, and the Kiwoom club decided to allow posting. Lee Jung-hoo chose Scott Boras as an agent to help him advance into the major leagues. 토토사이트

Lee Jung-hoo, whom we met at the camp, said, “Since 2020, when I had no intention of advancing to the US, Boras has been in constant contact. I met Boras for the first time this time, and he hugged me as soon as I saw him. like grandpa During the conversation, he talked about how to prepare and how to do it, and it touched my heart,” she said. He added, “I was grateful because he is the best agent in the major leagues, and since I signed a contract, he said that I just need to be good at baseball.”

Boras will widely sell Lee Jung-hoo’s talent and value, potential for growth in the major leagues, and potential to 30 major league clubs this season. In addition, Lee Jung-hoo’s performance in the KBO League has been continuously monitored by major league scouts for a long time and has data.

In fact, baseball fans are most interested in which clubs are actively interested in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo. San Francisco is one of the teams that baseball fans picked as the most suitable club for Lee Jung-hoo considering the competition for the outfield position, the pleasant climate, and the city that is good for adaptation. San Francisco Scouts came to Kiwoom Camp first.

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