International Contract Expedient → Contract behind Bae Ji-hwan → Permanent expulsion, Pardon for Director Corporella confirmed

General manager John Coppoella, who used expedients in international player contracts, was pardoned.

On the 10th (Korean time), according to the Associated Press, a local media in the United States, “Former Atlanta Braves general manager Coporella received a permanent expulsion pardon from the MLB Secretariat.”

Appointed as Atlanta general manager in 2015, he was permanently expelled from the major leagues while signing behind-the-scenes contracts with international players until 2017.

Among international players at the time, 13 players, including Bae Ji-hwan, who is currently playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, had their contracts nullified due to a backside contract scandal.

On the other hand, the MLB secretariat revealed the background of the pardon on the same day, saying, “Coponella has made many apologies and sincere reflection over the past five years.”


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