“I won 17 games in 2019…” 1 win this season → Why Lee Seung-yeop decided to join the 2nd division

In 2019, he led the Doosan Bears mound with 17 wins. After returning to the mound in June this season, he has yet to win one win. In the end, the command tower made the decision to go to the second army. It is a decision of consideration to reorganize for a while and come back again. The main character is Lee Young-ha (26).

Doosan Bears canceled pitchers Lee Young-ha and Choi Won-joon from the first-team entry ahead of the KT Wiz and Shinhan Bank SOL 꽁머니사이트 KBO League home game 2023 at Jamsil Stadium on the 4th. Instead, outfielder Kim In-tae and pitcher Lee Byung-hun were called up to the first team.

Lee Young-ha, who had a comeback match on June 3, has played in 19 games this season. All 19 games were relief appearances. 1 win, 2 losses, 4 saves. His ERA was 7.32. In 19⅔ total innings pitched, he allowed 24 hits (2 home runs), 14 walks, 16 strikeouts, 17 runs (16 earned), an on-base percentage (WHIP) of 1.93, and a batting average of 0.304.

At the beginning of the season, he was responsible for the role of Pilseungjo. In June, he recorded an ERA of 8.68 with 2 losses and 4 holds without a win in 12 games. Then, in July, he showed improvement with an ERA of 4.82 with 1 win and no loss in 6 games. However, starting with Lotte on July 25, he showed a shaky appearance, recording four consecutive goals, and eventually coach Lee Seung-yeop was excluded from the first team entry.

Coach Lee met with reporters ahead of the game on the 4th and asked about the reason for Lee Young-ha’s expungement, saying, “In recent games, the run rate has increased. The strike rate has also fallen. I made this decision with the thought that I had to catch it,” he explained the background.

Next, coach Lee said, “It seems that the tension has dropped a lot. I think the tension has dropped a lot since I went up a lot in a losing situation. If I regain my pitch and come up, I can go up in an important situation. I hope you find the confidence you lost in the second team. He is a good pitcher by nature. It is true that he is definitely a good pitcher if he increases his strike rate a little. His control is one. He needs to practice a lot himself. There is no doubt that he is a player who should definitely help our team. I hope it doesn’t take long to stay.” He also conveyed a message of support.

Doosan has good bullpen resources this season. However, if Lee Young-ha is on the right track, a more powerful bullpen will be built. Coach Lee said, “When we are winning, we can send out more than five pitchers, including Hong Kun-hee, Jeong Cheol-won, Park Chi-guk, Kim Myung-shin, and Choi Seung-yong.” Explained the current bullpen configuration.

In addition, regarding Choi Won-joon, “I am going to focus on relieving pain until this week due to the symptoms of back stiffness. After taking a break for one turn, I plan to enter the game next Sunday (13th). I do not know if I will be in 100% condition at that time, but first I am building my body according to that point in time,” he added. Regarding the replacement selection, he said, “You can call up a pitcher in the second group, or you can go to the bullpen day.”

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