“I hope to win the upcoming KT match again” T1 coach Bae Seong-woong

Even the fierce sandstorm was calm in front of T1. T1 won the Revenge match 2:0 against Liv Sandbox, which they met again after a week. Both teams had a fierce number fight from the ban pick, and had a fun game while fighting coolly in the game. The hot fight in Liv Sandbox was good, but as the fight progressed, it was T1 that gained momentum. T1 proved why they are number 1 in the league with the best performance.

The following is an interview with T1 coach Seong-Woong Bae after the match with ‘Zeus’.

Q. If you were to tell us your feelings about today’s victory, what would it be?

Seongwoong Bae: It feels good to win the live sandbox match. The opponent’s performance was better than expected.

Zeus: I recently played two matches, and it feels good to beat an opponent I consider to be a strong opponent. And it’s good that the flow continues well.

Q. The opponent brought out Top Azir, and you handled it well. How did you plan to use champions in sets 1 and 2?

Zeus: Azir was fully expected, and he was comfortable with the composition he had faced before. Yasuo had question marks, but he was a very good pick for today’s game. 온라인카지노

Q. I wonder why you brought out Yasuo picks again?

Seongwoong Bae: Zeus wanted Yasuo, and the difficulty was lower than last time. so i was able to get it out.

Q. Mid Gragas came out. What is the background of Gragas Pick?

Seongwoong Bae:This is a pick with good results during recent practice. He thought he could turn Azir in the first game, so even though he came out with the feeling of a first pick, I think his handling of the opponent was not smooth. He said that the second match also had a swap effect, so he pulled.

Q. In the composition of Nar and Azir, I understand that Azir came out to counter Nar. Still, why was he able to overwhelm his opponent with Nar?

Zeus: When opponents use Azir, there are many cases where they try to be stable. So I tried to prevent the opponent from farming stably, and I think I caught it well by making room for the opponent to make mistakes.

Q. From the beginning of the 2nd set, there were frequent fights on the bottom line.

Seongwoong Bae: I thought the bottom would be very sensitive, so I asked him to focus on the bottom. I expected that there would be a lot of fights with four champions on the bottom line, only marksman.

Q. T1 was the first to report 10 wins. What are your thoughts on this?

Seongwoong Bae: I only lost 1 game, but I think it was a result of a lot of luck. I will do my best to keep it until the end.

Zeus: I am amazed at how much progress has already been made. I am proud that I have won 10 wins and my heart has become grand.

Q. To what extent do you predict the outcome of the remaining matches?

Seongwoong Bae:I thought it would be difficult because there were many matches against strong teams until this week, but it is still cruising. In the rest of the matches, we achieved good results in the same case as last year, and we expect to achieve good results this year as well.

Q. How do you predict the match against KT Rolster?

Bae Seong-woong: The game against KT Rolster has been a war of nerves since the old days, and I thought it was important. We won in the first round, and I hope to win again this time to win the telecom battle. KT Rolster has a solid overall performance, and is a team with fierce performance when on the rise.

Zeus: The last time we met, I thought the performance was solid. I look forward to Kiin as he is a player who has something to learn every time he meets him. Ki-in feels that he has a lot of space when playing in the lane, and he thinks that is his strength.

Q. MSI is coming soon. What team would you like to meet at MSI?

Bae Sung-woong: I think it’s too early to pick a team because it’s still in the middle of the spring.

Zeus: Every time I meet the Chinese team, I look forward to it, and this time it will be held in England, so I really want to go there. If I can afford it, I like soccer, so I want to enjoy that culture.

Q. Any last words you want to say?

Seongwoong Bae: I will try my best to maintain the No. 1 spot. I hope the fans will support us until the end.

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