‘HERE WE GO’ Neymar confirms move to Al Hilal…’Two-year deal, 292 million a year’

European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano gave the transfer confirmation signal “HERE WE GO” with “Neymar going to Al-Hilal. A huge offer was delivered two days ago and all parties approved the documents. It is a two-year contract and will wear the number 10. PSG will receive a transfer fee of just under 100 million euros 스포츠토토 (approximately 146 billion won). The medical test will be completed today.”

David Ornstein of England’s ‘The Athletic’ said: “PSG striker Neymar is undergoing medical testing ahead of the move to Al-Hilal. He will sign a two-year contract with Al-Hilal. -It was not in the club’s plan for the 24 season.”

In addition, the American ‘CBS Sports’ said, “Neymar’s transfer is now close to completion. He plans to move to Al Hilal, and the contract period is two years. Neymar has an annual salary of 200 million euros, equivalent to Cristiano Ronaldo of Al Nasr ( About 292 billion won), and PSG will raise transfer income of 90 million euros (about 131.5 billion won).”

Neymar is the best technician in the world. He has been a promising striker since his youth, and went straight to Barcelona from Santos, Brazil, and stepped on the European stage. He later formed the ‘MSN Line’ with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and recorded numerous attack points. He appeared in 186 official games, scoring 105 goals and 76 assists. In addition, with Barcelona, ​​2 La Liga titles, 3 Copa del Rey titles, 2 Supercopa de España titles, 1 UEFA Champions League (UCL) title, 1 UEFA Super Cup title, 1 International Football Federation (FIFA) won the Club World Cup once.

Then, in the summer of 2017, the transfer of the century was completed. Neymar wore a PSG uniform for a transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 324 billion won). The transfer fee was an astronomical amount, a world record that has not yet been broken.

Neymar started playing Parc des Princes from the 2017-18 season. He has played six seasons so far, producing 118 goals and 77 assists in 173 games. In the meantime, he won all the trophies he could pick up in France, but he couldn’t lift only the UCL trophy. He advanced to the final of the 2019-20 season, but unfortunately missed it as he lost 0-1 to Bayern Munich.

Neymar’s contract runs until June 2027. At the time of signing the renewal contract in May 2021, a two-year extension option was included in the basic four years. In the case of two years, it was a condition that was activated for one year each in July 2021 and July 2022. By current standards, it’s over four years away.

And this summer, transfer rumors were raised. US ‘CBS Sports’ said, “Neymar is on the Saudi radar. The Saudis are trying to sign the world’s most expensive football player (historical transfer fee). A senior Saudi delegation from Al-Hilal traveled to Paris on Friday to check the possibility of a transfer. The personal conditions are 200 million euros a year, similar to Ronaldo’s conditions. In addition, I am ready to pay 45 million euros (about 66 billion won) in transfer fees.”

However, Neymar was unwilling to leave PSG at the time and his contract was cancelled. In a later interview, Neymar said, “I want to play for PSG. I have a contract with the club, and so far no one has said anything to me. I will stay at PSG even if I am not loved by the fans and players.”

Furthermore, he even considered his retirement from PSG. ‘The Athletic’ said in March, “Neymar stayed at PSG despite transfer rumors. And it seems likely that he will continue because he wants to retire from PSG. Neymar’s wish is to end his playing career at PSG, It’s to help him succeed at UCL. He has no plans to represent another team.”

However, the airflow changed as the PSG club tried hard to send it out. PSG actually wanted to sell Neymar before. According to the announcement of the US ‘Deloitte’ last February, PSG is ranked 5th among the highest-grossing clubs in the world. In one year, he earned 654 million euros (approximately 955 billion won). However, at the same time, it is also the only club among the top 20 highest-grossing clubs in the world whose team salaries are higher than total revenue. Neymar’s share of that salary is significant. PSG wanted to send Neymar, who is a high-ranking player and frequently injured. The reaction of PSG local fans was also not good.

And four months passed in August. Fabrice Hawkins, a reporter for French media ‘RMC Sport’, said, “Neymar and Marco Verratti did not attend PSG’s last training session and were not invited to the media day for an official photo shoot. I let them know that I wouldn’t do it.”

“Both players trained indoors. Coach Enrique and general manager Campos told five players – Neymar, Verratti, Renato Sanchez, Hugo Equitique and Juan Bernat – that they are not part of PSG and must find a solution elsewhere. He said he would,” he added. In fact, it is no different from a release notice.

Neymar not included in the call-up for the Ligue 1 opener against Lorient. It was contrasted with Kylian Mbappe, who visited the stadium and returned to the first team through dramatic reconciliation. Eventually, Neymar agreed to leave PSG. On the 11th, Loic Tanji of France’s ‘L’Equipe’ said, “The position is clear. PSG and Neymar have agreed to find a common solution before the transfer window ends. The only thing left is to find a destination that suits everyone.”

On the 13th, Al-Hilal moved again. “Al-Hilal made an important offer for Neymar, which sources described as a ‘huge bid’,” Romano said. in progress,” he said.

He continued: “Neymar and Al-Hilal are in advanced talks. Official documents have already been passed on to the player. There is,” he added.

Hawkins of ‘RMC Sports’ also said, “Neymar is very close to signing a contract with Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. PSG and Al-Hilal have agreed to a huge amount. Neymar’s exit from PSG after six years is imminent.”

There were other options such as Barcelona and American Major League Soccer (MLS), but they could not match Al-Hilal’s ‘oil money’. According to ‘CBS Sports’, Al-Hilal paid PSG a transfer fee of 90 million euros and promised Neymar a 200 million euro salary package. In the case of the British ‘Telegraph’, it was said that Neymar would receive a total of 275 million pounds (approximately 466 billion won) over two years.

There is no change. Mateo Moreto of Spain’s ‘Lelevo’ also said, “Neymar is going to Saudi Arabia. PSG coach Enrique did not block the transfer. PSG wanted to let Neymar go, and the player has been thinking about leaving for the past few weeks. “It was the easiest path for everyone. It was almost impossible for Barcelona from the start and Xabi Hernandez did not approve of his return. Al-Hilal plans to announce the signing of Neymar between today and tomorrow.”

In addition, there was a rumor that Neymar was loaned to Barcelona in the Al-Hilal contract, but it was not. Romano nailed it, “It is impossible to rent to Barcelona. Neymar plays for Al Hilal.”

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