He rushed all the way to cut it off… “Sorry because I doubted it” A servile public apology

British broadcaster Piers Morgan made a ‘public apology’ to Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

On the 12th (Korean time), Morgan said through the British media ‘The Sun’, “I’m sorry for doubting you, Arteta. You are real. Please continue to work hard.”

Morgan is a British broadcaster known for being the closest aide to world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and a big fan of Arsenal. Although he is not a football figure, he used to show considerable influence through his fame.

Morgan lashed out at Arteta after last season. The road ran wild, saying that I had to cut it right away. This is because Arsenal lost 4th place to league biggest rival Tottenham Hotspur.

However, when the lid was opened this season, the situation changed 180 degrees. As of the 2022-2023 season Premier League has turned around, Arsenal is the sole leader (44 points in 17 matches). Tottenham is in 5th place (33 points in 18 matches) with an unstable TOP4.

Then Morgan reflected.

슬롯사이트 ‘I complained that the three-year deal given to Arteta was a miserable failure and an outright comedy,’ Morgan said. Arteta has repeatedly claimed he doesn’t have the qualities to lead Arsenal. I accused Arteta of saying bullshit and said it was clearly a failure.”

“But when summer came, everything changed. I said Tottenham would rank higher than Arsenal. I was completely wrong about Arteta. More gratifyingly, they were also completely wrong about Tottenham and Antonio Conte. I have seen Arteta grow with confidence. I saw him earn the respect of the players and fans,’ he admitted his misjudgment.

Morgan, who completely changed his attitude, praised Arteta to the fullest.

“We may not win the league,” Morgan said. Manchester City’s squad is huge. Nevertheless, Arteta made us dream that we could do it. I have never seen Arsenal so vibrant and united.”

Meanwhile, Arsenal and Tottenham will play the second North London derby of the season at 1:30 am on the 16th. The last encounter (10/1/2022, Arsenal home) was a 3-1 Arsenal win. This time, it is Tottenham’s home game.

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