“He allowed me to continue even if I made a mistake” Park Ji-hyun’s thanks to director Seong-woo Wi

Park Ji-hyun’s big success made Woori Bank dance. 

Asan Woori Bank Woori WON won 76-52 in a face-to-face confrontation with Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League Busan BNK Some held at Sajik Gymnasium on the 13th.

Park Ji-hyun poured out 27 points and played an active role as the highest scorer in the team. Woori Bank, with Park Ji-hyun at the forefront, eliminated all magic numbers and won the regular league championship in two years.

Park Ji-hyun said, “Even before I came to Busan, I said to focus more on improving my performance and participate in the game, but I am really happy to raise the trophy and laugh and win together with my sisters. We still have a bigger dream to aim for, but until today, unnie I will enjoy it with my friends and the fans who supported me.”

“I really liked the moment I lifted the trophy. There were a lot of players who came to the team to win the championship, but seeing how unnies liked it, I was happy that even though they were juniors, I was able to do it together. It seemed like I was receiving a reward for training so far,” he added.

It is Park Ji-hyun, who supported Woori Bank with an improved appearance from last season. Coach Wi Seong-woo also praised Park Ji-hyun’s growth in an interview after the match. 바카라사이트

Park Ji-hyun said, “It’s hard to see that I got better in an instant. It’s been 5 years since I became a pro. I think it’s something I’ve built up while playing every game, and my efforts don’t go anywhere. I’ve learned something and I have the will to do it, so I came out in a good shape. And the fun came with the struggle. I think I gained strength myself. I played every game with the mindset of not avoiding it, but I added fun. That’s the biggest difference.”

Regarding the increase in the role of handler, he said, “It wasn’t just that I played ball handler this season, but the coach ordered that part every year. “Now I think about that a lot, so I wanted to repay you with good plays. I also wanted to play a role like this. I still lack a lot, but I think it’s good to play in a team that can play my role. If I learn, good plays will come out.” ” he replied.

Park Ji-hyun, who has yet to win the championship match. The remaining goal is, of course, the unified victory.

Park Ji-hyun said, “I was more eager to win than any other season. I felt that I had come quite close. As I played every game, I thought that I had come and looked back, and when I think about that, I become more desperate and want to achieve my goal. I’m running after seeing it. I’m more desperate than ever.”

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