Han Hyun-hee’s surprise Lotte Bank and the perseverance of the original team Kiwoom, Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myung-gi’s search for a way out How will it affect NC?

On the 17th, Lotte officially announced that it had signed a free agency contract with Han Hyun-hee for a contract period of 3+1 years and a total of 4 billion won (up to 3.7 billion won in annual salary, including 300 million down payment and 1.5 billion in guarantee).

Han Hyun-hee has the right to opt out in 2026 if he achieves the individual performance set by the club during the first three seasons. Through a high percentage of the option amount within the contract period, the club has provided motivation to the players and secured starting pitchers who will play an active role in the mid- to long-term.

The team recognizes that Han Hyun-hee’s control and movement, as well as a resource that has been active as a starting pitcher and reliever pitcher. He also lost 9 kg after the end of his last season and is showing a different appearance after getting married, so expectations are high. Lotte expects that the depth of the pitching staff will be strengthened with the addition of Han Hyun-hee.

Han Hyun-hee, who joined Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom Heroes) in the first round of 2012, played 416 matches, recording 65 wins, 43 losses, 8 saves and 105 holds. Han Hyun-hee said, “I am personally happy to be able to play baseball in his hometown of Busan, and I am excited to be supported by passionate Lotte fans.”

However, it was burdensome to bleed out the compensated players outside of the 20 A grade. He looked for detours such as signing and trading, but Kiwoom Heroes, the original team, persevered, saying, “We are not interested in signing and trading.” As the exit route was blocked, rumors of overseas expansion finally came out. In KBO agreement countries such as the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, compensation players do not disappear no matter how long they play for more than three years. It was virtually unrealistic.

In the end, as the camp departure date approached, Lotte chose a normal free agent contract. I decided to recruit Han Hyun-hee while taking the risk of bleeding from the compensation player.

Han Hyun-hee’s transfer is also giving hope to Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myung-gi, a veteran outfielder duo from NC who dream of transferring to another team. 헤라카지노

It’s not that there aren’t any clubs you’re interested in, so you can look for specific ways as the start of camp gets closer. Since Kwon Hee-dong was in B grade, compensation players outside of the 25 players caught his ankle. Lee Myung-gi is grade C, but cash compensation is also a stumbling block.

NC, the original team, is more forward-looking than Kiwoom about the transfer of the two. He declared, “We can discuss signing and trading with a team that sincerely wants to recruit.”

Since there is no competition for multiple recruits, the interest in the club is continuing for a long time to recruit them in a more advantageous way. Can Solomon’s wisdom be derived?

Prolonged drifting of the two players is a burden for NC, but as it is a professional club, it is a reality that it cannot make concessions beyond signing and trading. Kiwoom’s perseverance, which took the real reward player who endured to the end, can also become a reference point to prevent NC from making bigger concessions.

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