Haller who overcame ‘testicular tumor’, ‘7 minute hat-trick’ in a friendly match… Official match is coming soon

Sebastien Haller scores a hat trick. The preparations for the official match have been completed.

Dortmund played a friendly match against FC Basel (Switzerland) in Marbella, Spain on the 14th (Korean time). It was divided into 3 quarters of 30 minutes each. The game ended with Dortmund winning 6-0.

Haller, who was named on the replacement list, was put in at the start of the third quarter. And in the 36th minute of the second half, he scored a penalty kick (PK). He finished lightly by kicking in the opposite direction of the goalkeeper’s run.

The scoring race continued. In the 41st minute of the second half, Julian Brandt raised a ground ball cross, and Haller, rushing to the goal, pushed it in. And he scored a hat trick. In the 43rd minute of the second half, in a corner kick situation, he cut forward and kicked sensibly. 3 goals in 7 minutes.

Haller’s goal is significant. Haller joined Dortmund from Ajax at the start of the season. His transfer fee was 31 million euros (approximately 42 billion won).

However, something unfortunate happened before the season even started. During the pre-season, Dortmund officially announced on the club’s website, “Haller left early from the Dortmund training camp. He was not feeling well and was examined, and a tumor was found in his testicles. Further examinations will be conducted.”

Haller said on personal social media at the time, “We have one more test on the way together. Let’s meet soon on the ground to celebrate the next victory.” 메이저놀이터

Afterwards, Haller went through a long period of rehabilitation while undergoing the first and second surgeries. And on the 11th, he stepped on the ground through an evaluation match against Düsseldorf. As Haller stepped onto the pitch, applause erupted from around him.

Then, he played until the match against Basel, the last evaluation match, and finished preparations to return to the official match. Dortmund will play the 16th round against Augsburg on the 22nd.

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