‘Great news! We have a chance to part ways with Levy’…American capital prepares ‘4.97 billion’ Tottenham bid! Levy “obliged to consider any offer”

Tottenham fans in the English Premier League (EPL) received “all-time good news.” It is the news that Tottenham’s owner could change.카지노

There is an opportunity to part ways with Tottenham President Daniel Levy. Levy became president in 2001 and has led Tottenham for more than 20 years. But Tottenham fans don’t trust him.

While exercising absolute power, it is a passive willingness to invest, that is, it has a typical businessman’s temperament to occupy as much power as possible with as little money as possible. That’s why it’s called “Salty Levy.” He doesn’t look suitable for the top head of the club.

Grades are also falling. Tottenham’s last first division championship was in the 1960-61 season, 63 years ago. A total of two first division championships, including the 1950-51 season. The last championship was in the 2007-08 League Cup, 16 years ago.

Therefore, Tottenham fans are constantly shouting “Levy Out!”

Antonio Conte, who was fired last season, also said, “I’m really angry. Had the same owner for 20 years, but why didn’t get anything. Is it only the club or all the coaches who were here at fault. Everyone should be responsible together,” he said, sniping at Chairman Levy.

Against this backdrop, it turned out that U.S. capital has plans to acquire Tottenham.

Britain’s “Express” said, “U.S. capital is showing interest in acquiring Tottenham.” The share of U.S. capital in the EPL is increasing, and Tottenham is the No. 1 shopping list of U.S. capital,” it reported.

Recently, it was reported that 777 Partners, a U.S. investment fund, will acquire EPL’s Everton. Local media are reporting that it is almost certain. Everton owner Farhad Mosiri is also heavily criticized by Everton fans. Because the club is regressing. Relegation to the second division is about to become a routine.

And Tottenham was also on the radar of U.S. capital. The media said, “U.S. capital is watching Tottenham as a key target. New York-based investment group MSP Sports Capital has been revealed to want to acquire Tottenham. They are preparing to bid 3 billion pounds (4.975 trillion won) by forming a consortium. The group is not ruling out the possibility of a sale,” he explained.

The key is money, too. According to the media, Tottenham’s valuation by Chairman Levy is around 3.5 billion pounds (580 billion won). Last year, it was reported that Chairman Levy rejected the proposal of 2.9 billion pounds (4.78 trillion won) of U.S. capital.

Hopefully, Chairman Levy has not completely blocked the possibility of selling Tottenham. 

“We own 87% of the club and we have 30,000 shareholders,” Levy said in a lecture in April. Most of the shares are Tottenham fans. We are obliged to consider any sale offer,” he stressed.

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